How is Father’s Day Celebrated in Some Countries?

Father and Kids
Father and Kids

Mom and dad are the most precious people in life. Talking about the father, he is a person who is willing to sacrifice for the future of his family, especially his children. He worked tirelessly and complained to provide for his loved ones. He earns a living morning and night, whatever he does, even if it takes a lot of energy, thought, and sweat. He is a hard worker, loves his children, loves his family, and doesn’t give up easily. So many daddies are willing to sacrifice their happiness because they want to make their families happy.

Although he doesn’t speak very often, His figure has a gentle heart for the child. They are the first love for their daughters and role model for their sons. Every time he struggles to provide a good living for his loved ones. They are a figure who becomes a hero in life. They taught them to live independently, be strong, and not be spoiled kids in life. It is what underlies the origin of Father’s Day. Usually, the celebration of it falls on the third week of June was finally celebrated by various countries in the world. But actually, every country has its celebration date. Every country has its way of celebrating it. So when and how do they celebrate it?

Father and Son
Father and Son

1. Canada

Following US tradition, Canada celebrates it on the third Sunday in June. Just like in the US, they will use roses as a gift to express their gratitude to their loved ones. Traditionally, red roses represent a living father figure. Likewise, the white rose symbolizes the person’s no longer exists. Children in Canada express love and respect for their dads with their cards, flowers, and chocolates. The gifts they usually use are ties, shirts, shoes, clocks, etc. In addition to their biological dad, they can also spend time with a grandfather, stepfather, uncle, or another man who loves and loves them like a father. Dining with loved ones is another popular tradition in Canada.

2. Taiwan

Taiwanese people celebrate it every year on 8th August. It is different from the tradition in the US that celebrates it on the third Sunday in June. The choice of the date on the eighth day of this eighth month arises from the pronunciation of the number eight (ba). Then, they will sound like the word dad (baba) if you say it twice. They would prepare food for dad, help him in the garden or around the house, go fishing together, give him gifts, cards, and sweets, or take him to lunch or dinner are usual things.

3. Germany

In Germany, they celebrate it on ​​Ascension Day. It is to commemorate Jesus’ ascension to heaven 39 days after his resurrection on Easter Sunday. The fall day of the rise is always right on Thursday. This memorial is a holiday for Christians. It also means that even though it is not an official holiday. In some areas of Germany, they used to call it men’s day (Männertag). It is because those who celebrate it are not only fathers. But for all men who are not married and have children also celebrate it. They are a tradition since the eighteenth century. A custom at this celebration is for the men to go on a hike pulling some carts. It may sound funny, but these carts usually contain alcoholic drinks and side dishes for the men on their way. Usually, the food and drink supplies will run out before they finish the hike.

4. Thailand

In Thailand, it is celebrated every year on 5th December. The determination of this date comes from the birthday of the late king. Besides, it was the date the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej was born. He was a king who was famous for his kindness and compassion. They also regard him as an exemplary father. He inspired many people because he has served not only for his loved ones but for his people and is still highly respected and remains in the hearts of the people. To commemorate his birthday and father’s day, Bangkok Mass Transit allows all heroes to travel free of charge when accompanied by their children. It aims to build and add harmony to the family.

5. Japan

Alcohol Drinks
Alcohol Drinks

In Japan (known as Chichi or No Hi), it is similar to US tradition. It is a way to honor the hero to show appreciation and gratitude for all that he does. However, for every aspect of it in other countries, some differences make it uniquely Japanese. As we know, we usually tend to express it through gift-giving. Japanese people tend to give gifts related to food or alcohol. Having dinner together with a menu of Japanese steak (wagyu) and traditional alcoholic beverages such as sake is the most popular in Japan.

6. Mexico

Marathon Run
Marathon Run

In Mexico, it also falls on the third Sunday in June. It is a perfect timing where the family gathers to show appreciation and respect for them. In Mexican culture, you can spend time with a family member who has a kid. Therefore they can also spend time with their fathers, uncles, older brothers, and grandfathers. There is a tradition of holding a 21 km marathon every year on that date. This tradition has been going on for 31 years. Participants in the event usually consist of a father and son. Events similar to traditional Mexican food bazaars also often accompany this competition.

7. Brazil

In Brazil, they celebrate it on the second Sunday in August. They chose the date in honor of St. Joachim, Maria’s father and patron saint of fathers and grandfathers. Usually, children spend the day writing cards and letters with words of thanks to their dad. In addition, they will have a churrasco with the extended family. Churrasco is a large number of barbeque parties. But they can’t do it this year because of the ongoing pandemic.

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