Exotic Flowers For Your Exotic Loved Ones

Exotic flowers
Exotic flowers

Giving flowers to someone you love is never a cliché. Anyone who receives flowers from loved ones is flattered and pleased. Apart from being a gift, flowers can also be a charming element of decoration. Its beautiful shape can make a room more attractive in an instant. Giving flowers as a gift is done by many people on various occasions. Like when we make a mistake and intend to apologize to someone, giving flowers can be the right choice.

Flowers can symbolize your regret. Flowers can also be the right option to convey your gratitude. Show affection by giving red roses as a sign that you love and care for someone. Flowers are useful as a wedding gift, birthday, anniversary, new year celebration, or business branch opening. Flowers represent the prayers you give them. Or if you visit someone who is sick, giving flowers is a prayer to get well soon and make them feel good.

Popular flowers to make as gifts are roses and sunflowers. They usually choose flowers that match their feelings for their loved ones. However, if you want to give flowers that can make a special impression on your loved ones, you can choose flowers with exotic or unique beauty. There are many types of exotic flowers that you can make as a choice. One of them is tropical flowering plants. They have the most exotic flowers — the following types of tropical flowering plants as a choice.

1. Plumeria

Plumeria is a very popular flower in Hawaii. Due to growing in a tropical climate, these flowers will bloom from early summer to fall. They can grow up to 6 meters tall and have relatively small flowers. This flower has a sweet aroma.

2. Anthurium


This type of plant is native to Colombia and Ecuador. People know these types of plants as flamingos, laceleaf, and tall flowers. Anthurium andraeanum is a plant that can eliminate air pollution. Storing this plant at home is effective at removing airborne ammonia, toluene, and formaldehyde. This flower is suitable to be used as a get-well-soon gift for your sick loved one.

3. Amaryllis


Amaryllis is an ornamental plant that is popular for its beautiful flowers. Amaryllis are usually found in yards or planted in pots. The long stalk is also very suitable as a cut flower. One of these tropical flowers comes from South Africa. This plant can live all year round and has tubers and usually flowers that have a distinctive shape. They are one of the rare exotic flowers because their bulbs are very expensive and hard to find.

The Greeks called this flower amaryllis which means “splendor” or “sparkle.” For men, amaryllis means the strength, confidence, and beauty of a woman. The flower shape, which resembles a star and trumpet also symbolizes pride. Because amaryllis has a large flower crown that is so eye-catching, it towers over the other flowers. Its towering trunk suggests arrogance. However, the title of arrogance for a woman in those days refers to a compliment to a beautiful woman.

4. Bird of Paradise

The paradise flower is one of the many beautiful and exotic flowers. This flower originates from South Africa, then its name is taken based on its resemblance to the brightness of the birds flying there. The leaves of this flower are bluish-green with red leaf bones. The flowers emerge from green and pink shoots that are shaped like boats. The flower crown is orange. This plant’s height is about one to one and a half meters, with the radius of the group of plants reaching one meter.

5. Orchid

The orchid flower is one type of ornamental plant that has a very beautiful charm. Orchids are a type of flower that is famous for their beauty and has various types. Exotic orchid is so popular as houseplants for indoors and outdoors. Orchid has a meaning as a symbol of love, luxury, and eternal beauty. The majority of orchids are perennial epiphytes, which grow anchored in trees or shrubs in the tropics and subtropics, making these plants so exotic. Worldwide, about 735 genera are representing at least 20,000 species. The characteristic features of orchids that make them easy to recognize are their shape, structure, and petals. Orchids have a long flowering period.

6. Calla Lilly

Calla Lily
Calla Lily

Calla lily flowers are famous for their beauty. This flower is also often used as a flower bouquet or given as a live plant in a pot. Calla lily is the most exotic lilies type. This beautiful flower is shaped like a trumpet, has a long white stem and is very beautiful to the eye, and gives a graceful, holy, and beautiful impression.

The right time to gift the closest ones with a bouquet is on Christian religious holidays. Gift your parents or immediate family a calla lily bouquet on Easter or Christmas Eve. Apart from that, you can also give this flower to a friend or relative who has just given birth to a baby or if you are visiting your relative’s child’s birthday. To congratulate your best friend or partner on the achievement, you can give yellow or orange calla lilies.

7. Lotus


Lotus flowers grow on mud media. The flowers rise above the water and the petals are well-lined. The diameter of the lotus flower can reach 20 cm. The height is about one to one and a half meters. The leaves are round and usually face upwards. The lotus flower is a representation of spirituality in human life. The sacred flower is a symbol of clarity of heart and mind. Others also believe that sacredness is a symbol of the origin of strength, luck, and life. The sacred flower also symbolizes birth and beauty.

And for Hindu belief, lotus has a deep meaning. White lotus means purity of mind, the tranquility of nature, and spiritual perfection. Red lotus means unconditional love, passion, compassion, and kindness. The pink lotus is a symbol of the highest, holy and honorable place. The blue lotus represents meaning as a source of knowledge. Purple lotus is a sign of connection with the mystical world.

The exotic flowers above can be a choice to give to your loved ones. Even though roses are famous for their true meaning of love, there is nothing wrong with giving something unique and different from the others. Unique gifts will remain unforgettable and special for those who receive them. You can provide tropical flowers for arrangements and make them into an exotic flower bouquet. You can choose calla lilies, amaryllis, and lotus to make a bouquet because of their long and hard stems.

Meanwhile, to give gifts to sick relatives, opening a new business, or a new house party, tropical plants and flowers can be your choice. Orchids and anthuriums are perfect to give because they can grow in small pots. However, if you are looking for what plants have exotic flowers to decorate your garden then plumeria is perfect. Because the flowers are small, flowers in large numbers and the sweet fragrance of flowers can provide a comfortable atmosphere to relax while drinking tea.

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