Embracing Tropical Warmth Through Tropical Flowers


Tropical Flowers
Tropical Flowers

Tropical flowers are no stranger to the ear. Even by hearing the word “Tropical,” various things flash through one’s mind. A calm breeze, bright sunlight, and warm temperature are only a few things to mention. Those feelings and sensations are perfectly represented by these wonderful tropical blossoms. 

Tropical flowers 

  1. Anthurium

Anthurium is popularly-known as the romantic tropical flower. This native Exotic flower usually grows in rainforests. The unique appearance of this flower would steal your attention from the very first glance. That is because of the heart-shaped leaf it has. Yes, it is a leaf, not a petal. The actual flower part of the plant is the finger-shaped spike in the center, surrounded by a glossy and colorful leaf. Some people love to have anthurium as their indoor plant. Not only for its beauty, but some people believe in the symbolism of this flower, which is happiness and hospitality. 

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2. Maraca Ginger

Maraca Ginger
Maraca Ginger

Maraca ginger is a tropical beauty from India. This bloom is known for its outstanding medical benefits. Maraca ginger is a natural medicine for sprains, stomach pain, and toothaches. Besides that, this cone-shaped flower is commonly used for hair care products. 

As cut flowers, maraca ginger is highly suitable because it lasts long and looks pretty in tall vases. It could last even longer with proper care and maintenance. As an indoor plant, you need to prepare a large container because the plant needs some space to grow.

3. Musa Ornata

Musa ornata is a one-of-a-kind tropical bloom. This tropical flower is native to India and is commonly known as the flowering banana. Fun fact, this flower is edible. Also, musa ornata would be a good choice for your tropical garden. However, it would not be a good choice as an indoor plant because of its massive size and the amount of light it needs. You can easily find this tropical flower in Southeast Asia and other warm regions.

4. Lobster Claw

Lobster Claw
Lobster Claw

Just like musa ornata, the lobster claw is related to the banana plant. Besides bananas, this eye-catching bloom is also related to cannas and gingers. The similarity between this bloom and ginger is their glossy leaves. Lobster claw, or also known as heliconia, is native to Central to South America. With the unique shape of petals and bright colors, this flower is suitable for cut flowers and arrangements. A touch of delightful colors like hot pink, yellow, and green would be a lovely addition to a tropical-themed occasion.

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Tropical flowers as decoration

You might want to consider choosing tropical flowers as the decoration for your special day. There are many breathtaking varieties of tropical flowers that hold a special place in the hearts of those who love them. Tropical flowers are the symbol of invitation and hopeful wishes. Flowers represent countless emotions and feelings. Each kind, shape, and color showcase its charm in its individual way. Every single one of them has something that differentiates one from another.

Not limited only to beautifying your event, you can also have these magnificent tropical blooms as your house decoration. Imagine how lovely it would be to have a sense of tropical feeling in your comfort space. Many are aromatic, geometrically gorgeous, and modern in design. Meanwhile, some might have a nostalgic effect that takes you back to the beautiful tropical places you’ve visited.

Create a joyful atmosphere with Hawaiian flowers 

Hawaian Flowers
Hawaian Flowers

1. Plumeria

It’s nearly impossible to not mention this dainty blossom when talking about Hawaiian flowers. One of its most popular features is the yellow hue in the center of the flower. Plumeria, or also known as frangipani, is the famous flower from Hawaiian Leis. A sign of welcome and wishes to enjoy your resting time in a symbol of a flower necklace. 

This plant is highly-popular to grow in Southeast Asia countries and is loved by many. Not only for its beautiful presence but also, it’s pleasing, calming, and refreshing fragrance.

2. Pikake

Pikake is a Hawaiian name for Arabic jasmine. In various countries, this flower is known for its tasteful flavor as tea. Besides that, pikake is adored for its strongly sweet fragrance. Some believe that your tropical garden is incomplete without pikake flowers. Just like plumeria, pikake is also a crucial flower for Leis. If you are looking for an attractive plant as a decoration that doesn’t threaten native forests with a pleasing scent to fill the air, try to consider pikake. This flower of beauty and love also makes astonishing cut flowers with unexpectedly long durability. 

3. Hawaiian hibiscus

Hibiscus takes the crown for being the most beautiful flower in the tropical environment. Native Ma’o Hau hele or Hawaiian hibiscus is available in bright and cheerful yellow petals. However, there are several varieties of hibiscus with various colors that grow in the Hawaiian land. This tropical bloom is a top pick by florists because of its versatility as decoration. Fun fact, this gorgeous tropical flower needs no water to stay fresh and displayable. You can have this joyful bloom to beautify your house. Whether it’s a resting area or a working space, Hawaiian hibiscus is perfect for brightening up the air.

4. Naupaka

The exquisite flowers of the Hawaiian Islands, Naupaka, are famous for various reasons. The obvious ones are its unique shape and refreshing aroma. Besides that, the legends of Naupaka are not something to miss out on. 

Naupaka, a lovely Hawaiian princess, fell in love with a commoner. Sadly, she was prohibited to marry her loved one. They were advised about a faraway heiau where they should worship and seek guidance from the priest by an older wise man. When they finally arrived, the priest told them he couldn’t help them. Naupaka, heartbroken, tore the white flower from her hair in half. She placed one half of the bloom in the palm of her lover’s hand and ordered him to go to the beach while she stayed in the highlands. These days, Naupaka flowers or also known as Scaevola, are famous as cut flowers. This exquisite bloom could last over a week with proper care and maintenance.


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