Each Flower Delivery Has Its Own Meanings

Each Flower Delivery Has Their Own Meaning

Don’t let you misunderstand flower delivery from someone. Because every flower with different colors has a different meaning. Which woman does not like to be given flowers, especially from someone she loves? But you have to understand the meaning of the flower you receive.

Each type of flower has its own meaning. Flowers are often used to express one’s feelings, as in Japan it is referred to as ‘hanakotoba’ or the language of flowers. Ranging from feelings of love, affection, friendship, condolences, jealousy, to the dislike you can convey through flowers.

That is why flowers are a very special object in any relationship, romance, friendship, competition, and others. Flowers can convey any message to someone without words. Simply by sending a flower bouquet, people can understand what we are trying to convey.

The Most Suitable Flower Delivery for Couples so That They Understand Your Feelings

Roses become one of the very special flowers. Be careful in interpreting the meaning of this flower because different colors have different meanings. Roses are most popular in a romance, but it cannot be generalized as a sign of love. Each color of roses has its own meaning.

Red roses signify his love for you is burning. Meanwhile, yellow roses actually mean jealousy. If the rose is pink, the sign is he wants you to trust him. Got a maroon color rose, a sign that he really appreciates your beauty and yourself.

Even though LDR he still wants to give you flower delivery. The sign of the relationship being apart is the lotus flower. The person who gave Lotus is far from where you are. That’s a sign that you are always in his mind wherever he is.

Edelweiss shows courage in loving, and at the same time he wants his love to you can be eternal. This one flower is arguably special. Someone does not carelessly give this flower. If you get this flower from someone, that is mean that you are special.

People believe that edelweiss is known as a symbol of eternity. The meaning is that he wants your love to last. You could say that he wants your relationship to last forever. Until death separates you apart.

Give This Flower Delivery to the People You Admired

He actually wanted to say that you are very elegant, so he chose dahlia. Dahlia’s meanings are very simple. He just wants to say that you are elegant. As a girl, you are not only beautiful but also attractive and make her fascinated by your gentle attitude.

If you get an orchid from someone, that is a sign that you are very charming in his eyes. His heart is captivated by everything in you. This flower is a code that he wants you to have a sweet and special relationship.

The white lily is a sign that he really appreciates you. He does not want to act arbitrarily with you because for him you are very valuable. That means you are a very special person to him. But the lily was not only white.

If you receive an orange Lily, the sign is he is angry with you. Maybe you made a mistake but didn’t realize it so he sends flowers as a sign. Different colored lilies have different meanings. You should know this so you don’t get them wrong.

How to Give Implied Message through Flower Delivery

Morning glory is a sign that someone wants to always try to keep promises. Many people make promises. But if they give this flower, it means that they are a person who can keep his promise. They have a strong commitment to always keep his promises with you.

If you get jasmine flower delivery from him, It is a sign that he thinks of you just as a friend. This means that your relationship with him is still only in the friend zone. But this does not mean bad at all.

This is proof that there is someone who is happy and comfortable to know and be friendly with you. So, don’t be mistaken if they want you to be theirs. They just want to be good friends with you.

Be careful if you can get ‘Sedap Malam’ from your beloved. It means that he wants to break up with you immediately. This flower is synonymous with death because of its mystical smell. The purpose of giving this flower is that he wants your relationship to end soon.

There are many more flowers that have their own meaning. You should know the meaning of a flower before you send it to someone. Do not let people who receive flowers get the wrong idea. Therefore, choose a flower delivery that suits your feelings for someone.

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