Diwali Gifts Ideas for Family and Friends
Diwali Gifts Ideas for Family and Friends

Diwali or the Festival of Lights is one of the most popular annual celebrations in the world. This five-day celebration usually takes place around October and November. Its participants will be involved in various exciting activities, including sending Diwali gifts for friends and family. This is a tradition that occurs every year. Therefore, Diwali becomes an event that Indian anticipate the most throughout the year.

Thoughtful Diwali Gifts for Friends and Family

Are you looking for thoughtful Diwali gifts to favor your family and friends? If you don’t have any idea at the moment, we’ve got you covered! Below, you’ll find our self-curated best Diwali gifts which include a variety of great presents for a traditional occasion like this, even unique ones! All Diwali gifts for friends and family we mention below are easy to find, you can purchase them online.

1. Diwali Gift Box

Diwali Gift Box
Diwali Gift Box

A gift box is the most common gift-giving idea that will always suit any kind of occasion. For Deepavali gift ideas, you can use a beautifully wrapped gift box with Diwali-themed items, such as pretty lights, henna, and a bag of nuts.

2. Fruit Hampers

Another easy-to-find Diwali gift comes from hampers. Among those gift basket ideas, you can choose fresh fruit hampers to be your thoughtful Deepavali present.

3. Rangoli-shaped Floor Puzzle

Anything unique would be fine for Diwali, so don’t hold yourself! As so many of us have learned that puzzles aren’t segmented for kids only, a rangoli-shaped floor puzzle is perfect to spice up the excitement of Diwali.

4. Personalized Hindi Necklace

For your dearest ones, this personalized gift will impress the recipient. A necklace ideally appears in a variety of lengths and materials, like silver, yellow gold, or rose gold. It depends on the recipient’s preference.

5. Diwali Book for Kids

Diwali is the perfect time to introduce Indian culture to children. Do they your cousins or your nephews? A Diwali book would be an impressive gift for them. It usually comes with pictures and a coloring section.

6. Gourmet Hampers

During the five-day celebration, a family gathering is undoubtedly not an exception. To pamper your family, besides a basket with fresh fruit, you can also send them a full of tasty treats! gourmet hampers.

7. Chai Sampler Box

For a chai drinker, help them explore new taste options of this traditional beverage with a chai sampler box. It’s easy to find at markets.

8. Indian Sweets

Indian Sweets
Indian Sweets

Sweet treats never fail for almost every occasion, including Diwali. If you’re on the lookout for Diwali gifts for friends and family, get this one! There are assortments of delightfull Indian sweets you can serve to family and friends during the celebration.

9. Diwali Craft Kit

This is another Diwali gift idea for kids that is great for anyone who wants to enhance their creativity. With a Diwali-themed craft kit, they can create beautiful lanterns, greeting cards, and diyas.

10. Scented Candle

You can’t go wrong with a scented candle for gift-giving. For Deepavali, there are no specific rules on what notes of the scent you have to purchase. Anything is fine!

11. Diwali Art Print

It’s always appropriate sending decoration items for the Festival of Lights to family and friends. If you’re considering the easiest one to get, a Diwali-inspired art print would be a great example.

12. Makeup Set

For a beauty enthusiast, a set of makeup tools could be the best gift they’ve ever gotten! If you know the recipient well, it will be easier to get the right items for them.

13. Instant Chana

Chana is one of the most popular Indian food. Today, it’s pretty convenient to enjoy your favorite chana. Anyone can serve it in minutes with a ready-to-eat chana. These might be unique Diwali gifts for a family you’re looking for at the moment.

14. Baby Ganesh Plush

Kid’s Diwali gifts consist of many cute things, including a baby Ganesh plush. This cute toy comes in soft material, which is safe for babies.

15. Indian Cuisine Recipe Book

With guidance, it would be easier to serve a variety of Indian cuisine. Help your dearest ones with plenty of homestyle Indian food recipes with this another Diwali gifts for friends and family.

16. Personalized Mug

If you’re not into a traditional Diwali gift, you can always consider sending something simple but meaningful, like a personalized mug.

17. Samosa Plush

Besides an adorable baby Ganesh plush, you can also include a samosa plush as your gift-giving consideration. This plus is effortlessly cute!

18. Diyas Accessory Set

A candle accessory to keep diyas turns on during the celebration may be the best traditional Diwali gift for family and friends at the moment. If you’re minding this one, ensure to purchase the one with stainless steel.

19. Flower Bouquet

Likely hampers, a bouquet can’t go wrong for many occasions. For Diwali, you can personalize your freshly-made mixed flower bouquet with a greeting card or other additional items.

20. Spice Set

Spices Set for Diwali Gift
Spices Set for Diwali Gift

When it comes to culinary, people in India usually use various types of spices. Take this gift idea as an inspiration to favor the cooking mania!

21. Subscription Deal

Distance is not an obstacle for gift-giving. Although it’s not possible to get along with your family and friends during the Festival of Lights, you can choose virtual gifts, like a movie subscription deal over physical gifts.

22. Long Distance Lamps

With a perk of today’s technology, it’s always possible to turn on lamps together with your favorite person even if they’re not with you.

23. Bollywood Board Game

A Bollywood-inspired board game is another Diwali gifts for friends and family that will bring fun during the celebration. Play it together and enjoy the excitement!

24. Organic Henna

Henna has been a part of India’s beauty culture. You can always go with cone-shaped organic henna as the best gift for Deepavali.

25. Cookware

For moms who enjoy cooking, cookware, like a set of cast iron pans would be the most impressive gift-giving choice they have ever gotten!

That’s all variety of Diwali gift ideas you can get for your dearest ones, like family and close friends. What are you going to buy?



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