Disney Movie Recommendations 2021

Watching movies or drama series is indeed one of the favorite activities to fill spare time. During this pandemic, we have to stay at home and cannot move outside. Watching movies doesn’t have to be at the cinema, but you can also stream them from home. There are many reasons why many people have a hobby of watching movies. In addition to filling spare time, watching can make us out of stress. Watching movies or drama series is a safe way to get out of the daily routine at home that may be boring.

Watching Movies
Watching Movies

Films can increase knowledge about culture, learn about the history of a country, and get to know important figures. They also allow the audience to be immersed in the story, becoming one with the characters to get the message tucked into the plot. Many films use social issues as story ideas. There is a story that lifts light, serious, too heavy in a storyline. We can become more sensitive and aware of social issues around us after watching movies that raise social issues. They can help convey important messages to society in an entertaining way. Some films have an animated fantasy genre. From children to parents loves animated movies. It is because they provide colorful depictions.

Talking about animated films, of course, can’t be separated from Disney. Since decades ago, it has been the pioneer of the best-animated children. They present visual fairy tales that can inspire children’s imaginations. Their films also provide stories that are light but still full of moral messages. Want to watch a movie with your family this weekend? Their movies can be one of the choices. Here we have recommendations for the latest Disney movies for families that can be fun for you to watch with your family.


1. Onward

Onward is produced by Disney and Pixar. Onward, which was released last year, is a film that is thick with fantasy elements like fairies, elves, magic, and others. Onward is different from fantasy films in general. In Onward, supernatural beings lead modern lives. They live in housing, ride motorbikes, and do activities like we do every day.

Onward tells the story of a pair of brothers, Ian and Barley, voiced by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt. They get a chance to be reunited with their deceased father using magic. But it turns out that one thing happened which resulted in them almost missing the opportunity to meet their father. Onward can be an appealing viewing option for the family. This film teaches the importance of family values.


2. Raya and the last dragon

The Raya and The Last Dragon feels so exquisite because it adapts the culture and nuances of several countries in Southeast Asia, starting from motifs, colors, food, values, and customs. Once upon a time, in the fantasy world of Kumandra, humans, and dragons coexisted in harmony. However, there is a threat of evil forces that threaten their home. So the dragons tried to sacrifice themselves and save the humans. And 500 years later, Raya is trying to find the last dragon to restore the land where she lives and reunite it. You can watch it with your family at the cinema or through the Disney+ streaming service.

3. Luca

From Southeast Asia, let’s move on to Italy. More precisely, it is set in the coastal city of the Italian Riviera. We can see the culture and conditions of the Italian country Through Luca’s film, which is a favorite tourist spot for some people. Luca tells the story of a child and his unforgettable experience with his new best friend. The experience they get on vacation in the summer. Full of Italian stuff like gelato, pasta, and scooter ride all the time.

But who would have thought if it turned out that the child had a big secret? He is a sea monster that will change back to its original form when exposed to water. Luca releases in June 2021. This film is one of the Disney animated films in collaboration with Pixar that you must watch. They have a cute animation style, an interesting story, and a very familiar Italian atmosphere.

4. Soul

This film centers on the life of Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx), a music teacher who dreams of playing jazz in a music club. His dream had to run aground when Joe suddenly had an accident. Soul will explain where humans are after they die through cute and friendly depictions. The film also defines how a person’s talent emerges. And a person will have a desire to live his life well. Finally, Joe’s soul meets 22 (Tina Fey), a soul who lives in the Great Before but has yet to find his passion. Joe also needs to find a way to help 22 gets her back on track. It can be your family’s movie of choice. Although the theme is quite heavy, this film is quite entertaining for children.

Home Entertainment
Home Entertainment

5. Zootopia

Funny, exciting, and entertaining. You can find everything in Zootopia. It tells the story of when mammals lived like humans and coexisted. This movie tells about the adventures of a rabbit cop named Judy Hopps. It cooperates with the deceitful fox. Meanwhile, Nick Wilde uncovers a crime involving the disappearance of many predatory animals.

6. Encanto

Encanto is the last movie animated movie to be released in 2021, which is in November 2021. Encanto is a Disney musical movie set in Colombia. It tells the story of an unusual family, the Madrigals. They live hidden in the mountainous interior of Colombia. They live in a magical house in an enchanting and wondrous city called Encanto.

The whole family has magical abilities. But unfortunately, their daughter did not have the magic power at all. This animated movie is a long-awaited movie considering that Disney’s works always manage to spoil the eyes of Disney lovers. You can put it on the list of movies you will watch with your family at the end of this year.

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