Deep Meanings of Several Flower Names for Beloved Ones

Deep Meanings of Several Flower Names for Beloved Ones

Several flower names turn out to have a different meaning. In every celebration such as a wedding, birthday, anniversary, even condolences, flowers have an important role. It’s almost inconceivable if a special event without the presence of a flower.

In a relationship, flowers can be said as a symbol of appreciation about love, sincerity, friendship, joy, and others. For men, giving flowers to lovers or wives even to mothers will surely leave a deep impression on the heart.

This flower is a sign that they are loved. This is a beautiful and very touching expression of love. In the era of all-online now, it’s easy to choose and buy flowers. Various types of flowers and their prices can be seen very clearly. However, be careful not to send the wrong message because several flower names have their own meaning.

Deep Meaning of Various Colors of Roses

Red roses are a symbol of romance. The red color itself illustrates the courage and have a strong desire to look after their partners. You can also use a series of red roses to say “I love you” to your romantic moments.

Pink roses symbolize sweet love, happiness, and romance with tenderness. The pink rose is divided into two namely dark pink and light pink roses. Dark pink roses mean deep gratitude and thanks to someone. Whereas the light pink rose itself symbolizes admiration, love that is joy and tenderness.

Yellow Rose is an expression of excitement. Bright yellow roses evoke feelings of joy, warmth, and friendship. Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship and caring. Yellow roses are also given to friends who have successfully done something, as a symbol of glory.

The color orange is a blend of red and yellow which has a meaning of enthusiasm. Orange roses are a symbol of passion and warmth. This charming flower is suitable given to your friends who always been there in your ups and downs or to encourage friends.

The peach color looks like yellowish pink, represents warmth. Peach-colored roses symbolize politeness. The elegant beauty of a peach rose indicates a gentle blush for a girl. The color of this rose speaks of seriousness, purity, and innocence.

Several Flower Names Are Very Suitable for Expressing Feelings to Your Loved Ones

Tulips symbolize apologies, expressions of love, caring, luxury, high spirits, and friendship. But in general, tulips symbolize the perfect love. If the colors vary, tulips have a meaning of the beauty of love that cannot be expressed in words.

Peonies represent classy and natural characters. This flower also symbolizes luck and is known as the flower of prosperity and honor. Peonies are also sometimes associated with marriage mates and marriage eternity. So, these flower names are perfect for your beloved one.

Chrysanthemum has different meanings, depending on the color. Usually, the most frequently encountered is the yellow and white flowers. White means honesty, truth, faithfulness. Yellow means one-sided love, love to watch out for. Purple means a strong desire to have a healthy body. Red means love.

Gerbera is the flower most often associated with roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, and tulips. This flower symbolizes long-held love. Suitable to give to your partner when your relationship has been going on for a long time or you have the desire to get married.

Other Flower Names that Have a Deeper Meaning

Lily has been known since ancient Greece. There are 100 types of lilies in this world. Lily in general has the meaning of purity, politeness, and holiness. But there are also lily colors that have bad meanings.

White lily means devotion, friendship, sympathy, noble, pure. Pink lily means wealth and prosperity. Orange lily means hatred, humiliation, pride. Yellow lily means lies and falsehood. So, be careful in choosing lily’s color as a gift for someone.

If you want to be different and memorable when saying thank you, give them a Hydrangea flower arrangement. These flower names are classified as bush plants whose height is between 1-3 meters. Hydrangeas or Hortensia have a variety of beautiful colors: white, purple, yellow, pink, and bright blue.

The color of a Hydrangea flower is determined by the level of acidity of the soil where low will produce bright blue, and high yielding colors tend to be pink. So, we need to plant them in different soil to collect different colors of Hydrangea.

Different types and colors of flowers have their respective meanings. Starting from the meaning of love, affection, friendship, sympathy, gratitude, condolences, to hatred. So, it is really necessary to know the meaning of flower names before you send them as a gift for someone.

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