How To Choose Preserved Flowers

Preserved Flowers
Preserved Flowers

Preserved flowers are natural flowers preserved with a special technique to preserve the authenticity of the flowers. Compared to dried flowers, preserved flowers have the appearance of living flowers with a fresh finish. Preserved flowers you can enjoy their beauty even for years without the need to be watered.

Preserved flowers are also easy to care for and clean, so they are often used as room decorations or gifts for special occasions, such as birthdays, Mother’s Day, and weddings. A number of table decoration entrepreneurs also take advantage of this preserved flower to enhance a decorated table’s appearance.

The beauty of this particular flower is timeless. From the first time it reaches you, this flower has remained as it was. Of course, this Preserved flower touches the recipient’s heart because of its durability, freshness, and beauty. That’s the right reason why these flower arrangements are a memorable gift for him.


Pros of Preserved Flower

You can choose from a wide selection of colors: red, blue, orange, green, brown and many more.

You don’t need to water the flowers.

Since preserved flowers always look fresh, there is no need to dye or retain color. All of their colors are perfect for various wedding needs, including hand bouquets, bridesmaids, hand bouquets, boutonniere, table decorations, ring pillows, corsages, including your wedding day bouquets, and many others. By keeping it as a memento, your precious memories will last for years.

Preserved Flowers are much lighter than fresh flowers because they do not contain water. That is one of the reasons why brides choose preserved flowers as their wedding bouquet.


How to Care For Preserved Flowers

Preserved Flowers
Preserved Flowers

How to care for preserved flowers is very easy. However, before discussing it, it would be better if you know the process of making preserved flowers first:

  • Preserved flowers come from fresh flowers that are cut down to the stem.
  • After going through the cutting stage, the fresh flower stems are immediately put into the preservative liquid.
  • It takes several days for the flowers to absorb the preservative so that all parts of the stalk are completely filled with the preservative liquid.
  • Flowers undergo a selection process to remove dried flowers or petals. This selection process must be done very carefully so as not to spoil the appearance of the flowers.
  • Flowers that have gone through a preservation and selection process will be packaged in such a way as to keep their appearance beautiful.

If you want to have preserved flowers for home decoration or display, follow these care instructions:

  • Do not put preserved flowers in water or simply splash them with water. Moisture can cause the color of the preserved flowers to fade and become more brittle
  • Avoid placing preserved flowers in a sunny place as this can cause them to dry out quickly
  • Although you can place it in an air-conditioned room, you should not put preserved flowers directly under the air conditioner because this can cause the flowers to dry out quickly and become brittle
  • Keep these flowers out of reach of children, pets, and fire because they have been preserved with a flammable chemical preservative and can be dangerous if swallowed by children or pets.
  • Air spray to remove dust. If you put dried flowers in the living room or in the corners of the house, there is a chance that these flowers will be dusty. To care for it and keep it beautiful, you can use an automatic air pressure spray to remove dust from the dried flower arrangement decorations. Air sprays for the treatment of dried flowers have air pressure that comes out very quickly, so make sure you spray with enough distance from the dried flower arrangement so that the flowers don’t fall off.
  • A feather duster to remove dust from dried flowers. If you don’t have an air sprayer, a manual method you can do to dust off your dried flower arrangements is to use a duster. You can clean the flowers carefully with a duster so that the flowers’ dust is removed properly without damaging the flower arrangement. Apart from being easier and less costly, cleaning flowers manually also reduces the risk of damaged flowers and also keeps the flowers durable.
  • Box for decoration of dried flowers. Like the forever flower stored in a box, you can also make dried flower creations stored in the box. Besides keeping them durable, storing dried flower arrangements in a box will make these flowers look more beautiful and elegant.
  • A special place for storing dried flowers. It’s also a good idea to try to make a dry flower storage spot to store the dried flowers you have. You can arrange it to be neater and prettier so that the room seems to be a beautiful room or spot for dried flowers.
  • Not Storing Dried Flowers in Plastic. Not only fresh flowers, but dried flowers are also very fragile if not stored properly. So that the dried flowers are not damaged, store them in a box or in a vase, do not store them in plastic.


How to Choose Preserved Flowers

Preserved Flowers
Preserved Flowers

Now, we will explain how to choose preserved flowers. Please read our explanation below for more detailed information.

  • Choose products based on their color. Color is an important aspect to consider when choosing preserved flowers. The use of a special liquid gives preserved flowers a wide variety of colors that cannot be found in fresh flowers. Even if you use the same flower and arrangement method, the impression it creates can differ depending on the color.
  • Choose a primary color to represent the whole series.
  • Choose a color the recipient likes
  • Select products by size. If you want to buy preserved flowers online, check the size first. That way, you can avoid feeling disappointed when the size doesn’t match your imagination.
  • Choose a product based on the number of real flowers used. When buying online, information that states that the product is an artificial flower is usually clearly displayed. You will also find it easier to choose flower arrangements according to your budget and the impression you want to show. Even so, preserved flowers mixed with imitation flowers are still rarely found in Indonesia.
  • Choose products according to preferences and desired nuances. You can put them in pots, boxes, cans, or other objects. Combining it with dolls, music boxes, clocks, and various other objects is also worth trying. You can also make a surprise using preserved flowers that match the preferences of the recipient or the interior of the room.

So, we now know about the advantages of preserved flowers, how to make them, how to care for them, and how to choose preserved flowers. In order to maintain its beauty, it is enough to protect this flower arrangement.

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