Chocolate Cake As The Best Gift For Loved Ones

Chocolate cookies
Chocolate cookies

Chocolate is believed to be suitable for expressing a genuine feeling of love. No wonder when Valentine’s is believed to be the day of affection, chocolate is much sought after. Chocolate has a symbolic meaning of love, attention, and commitment. Many believe that chocolate has a magical effect, and when shared between two people, it can even make them fall in love with each other. Not without reason, chocolate gives the ‘magic’ effect. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, an endorphin that energizes and creates feelings of joy, happiness, and euphoria.

Chocolate (Theobroma Cacao) was cultivated thousands of years ago by the Mayans and Aztecs. Chocolate grew in the Amazon and South America. Then the Spaniards brought it to Spain in the 18th century. Later, The Swiss made a chocolate drink for snacks, and everyone loved it. Since then, Switzerland has had a better method of processing chocolate. Until now, Switzerland is known as the best chocolate producer in the world.

Chocolate as a Symbol of Love

Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Cake

Every valentine’s day arrives, chocolate is often used as a gift for couples or other family members. Since time immemorial, it has been proven that chocolate is the symbol of love. Whenever the day of affection arrives, chocolate always decorates those happy days lovingly.

Professor of Food History at Warwick University Rebecca Earle revealed that the history of chocolate as a symbol of love began in the era of Queen Victoria in the 19th century. At the time, many advertisers convinced consumers that there was a direct link between the amount of money spent on buying chocolate and the intensity of love emotions.

Chocolate as a symbol of love became clearer in 1861 when a company called Cadbury had managed to make edible chocolate and put it on a heart-shaped box with cupids and rose petals. This breakthrough certainly makes chocolate much in demand as a symbol of love and love.

Along with the development of the times, the shape of chocolate is increasingly varied. Various flavors make chocolate much in demand. Even ahead of Valentine’s Day, chocolate producers are getting excited to introduce their products as gifts for their loved ones.

Chocolate cake as the best gift

Chocolate cake
Chocolate cake

Everyone agrees that chocolate is one of the most favorite foods in the world. Everyone loves it. Starting from children, teenagers, adults, even to aging people. This is because chocolate has a unique taste in every bite.

This unique taste includes a combination of sweet and bitter. Just like our lives, which are not always happy, nor are they forever miserable. There’s got to be a time. Well, the first chocolate philosophy teaches us to be people that many people like.

There are many bakeries selling chocolate cakes. Every big day like Valentine’s Day, chocolate cake enthusiasts must be soaring. However, chocolate cake is reserved for surprises on Valentine’s Day and other purposes.

Chocolate cake is generally a brownie. It is said that from the many stories that circulate, brownie cake originated from a chef who forgot to include the ingredients of the developer cake called baking powder in the recipe of chocolate sponge cake dough. So, after the sponge cake is baked does not expand as well as the sponge cakes that he used to make. The texture of the chocolate sponge cake should be soft, thick, and porous, becomes solid, dense, and slightly wet.

Brownies have two types, namely roasted brownies and steamed brownies. A distinctive feature of roasted brownies is the presence of a ‘shiny crust’ or shiny surface. Must have special techniques to produce a beautifully shiny surface. The most original, this type of brownies, is given almond topping. In comparison, the texture of steamed brownies is more moist and tender than baked brownies.

Chocolate cake can be given as a birthday gift, graduation gift, or souvenir when visiting a sick friend or colleague. There are many types and shapes of chocolate cake that we can choose from. It is better to choose the kind of chocolate cake that she favors. But if you don’t know what type of chocolate cake you like, you can ask the chocolate cake seller for recommendations.

Know the types of chocolate


1. Dark chocolate

For people who don’t like sweetness, chocolate is one of the foods that is avoided. You can give her dark chocolate as a valentine’s gift. The taste is not too sweet, with a little bitter taste will suit your partner. The sour and bitter taste of this chocolate is due to the composition of cocoa that reaches 75 to 90 percent. Dark chocolate can also represent a love journey that is sweet and has a bitter and sour taste. However, if successfully passed, all three will form a special taste.

2. Unsweetened chocolate

Chocolate is suitable for people who like the bitter taste. As the name suggests, this type of chocolate for valentine does not have added sugar content. Cocoa composition is also more than 75 percent. The sour and bitter taste is precisely the attraction of this chocolate. Unsweetened chocolate has an elegant and strong impression. You can give this chocolate on Valentine’s Day to describe your lover’s personality and how strong your love is.

3. Semi-sweet chocolate

The composition of this chocolate generally consists of 40 percent sugar and 60 percent chocolate. Not only sweet, but semi-sweet chocolate also has a little bitter taste. The meaning contained in it is care and sensitivity. This chocolate is suitable for your partner who does not like the strange taste and enjoys the familiar taste on the tongue.

4. Milk chocolate

One of the most numerous variants of chocolate and easy to find is milk chocolate. The content consists of 10 percent liquid chocolate, 12 percent milk, and cocoa as much as 30 percent. Milk chocolate itself has the meaning of softness represented by its texture. This chocolate is suitable given to him who has a sweet character.

5. White chocolate

This type of chocolate for valentine consists of 20 percent cocoa butter with additional cream, sugar, and milk. No wonder if the taste is creamy and sweet, the soft texture adds to the delicacy. The meaning of white chocolate itself is affection and a symbol of attention. This chocolate is suitable for owners of spoiled and sweet properties.

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