China is also well-known for its annual celebration, the Chinese New Year. This event is...

Chinese New Year Flowers 2022
Chinese New Year Flowers 2022

China is also well-known for its annual celebration, the Chinese New Year. This event is the most significant festival where people will get an official public holiday, usually for a week. The celebration marks a great time to spend time with family. The celebration fulfills many exciting things, including lucky flowers that people in China believe would bring wealth and good fortune during the entire year.

How is Chinese New Year celebrated?

Chinese New Year Decoration
Chinese New Year Decoration

Waiting for CNY or Lunar celebration is never bored. People can do lots of activities. During the period of CNY, families who belong to the participants will gather together, sharing a meal on this beautiful day. After that, parents will give red envelopes or gifts to their children. The celebration becomes more triumphant as the fireworks explode in the sky, making CNY is unforgettable. The event is happening in other regions as well.

Chinese New Year and lucky flowers

In other countries, New Year Eve becomes the most anticipated event of the year, but in China tradition, is different. There are two events to celebrate the transition of the years. Later, it was named Chinese New Year or CNY.

The CNY has been pretty popular, not only in its hometown, China, but other regions as well, for example, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and many more. This event is noticeable for the red and gold decoration that appeared anywhere with beautiful decorations as its companion.

Among those decoration items, flowers are not the exception. A flower can reflect many things, either its beautiful look or hidden meaning behind it. CNY and flower connect as a few types of flower themselves contain the luck, fortune, wealth, and prosperity meanings.

As the quintessence of the spring season, a flower is necessary for the CNY celebration. The connection between CNY and a flower shows by families who will fill their homes CNY lucky flowers with the hope of wealth and good fortune in the future. That’s impossible to celebrate Lunar New Year without this item.

What are lucky flowers for Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year Lucky Flowers
Chinese New Year Lucky Flowers

Talking about Chinese New Year, we will find many interesting facts regarding this annual celebration. With worldwide popularity, CNY is one of the most massive events of the year. About to be here soon, for you who are curious or planning to celebrate it, here are lucky flowers for the Chinese New Year you need to know.

  1. Orchids

Do you know that there is a rank about the most popular flowers for CNY? For this, orchids are the most popular ones. This one of the lucky flowers becomes one of the four necessary flowers in Chinese culture. Orchids symbolize fertility and purity. During the CNY celebration, orchids are great for a young family. If you want to get them, feel free to choose whatever colors and types you like in the florist.

  1. Peonies

One purpose of the celebration of CNY is to beg for wealth and prosperity throughout the year. Lucky flowers are needed to symbolize this hope. Peonies that are always associated with beauty and charm are the perfect representation.

  1. Chrysanthemums

Chinese culture is rich. There are things to be explored, including God’s creature that symbolizes specific meaning. Besides of orchids and peonies, chrysanthemums also take part as one of the lucky flowers that you can find almost anywhere during the Lunar celebration. These petals usually gifted to the older members of the family because of the meaning of longevity they have.

  1. Narcissus
Narciscus Lucky Flowers
Narciscus Lucky Flowers

In Chinese culture, the narcissus is well-known as a sacred flower. The same goes with previous flowers that are considered lucky flowers for China’s new year, narcissus also represents prosperity and wealth. Not for gifts, people use these petals widely in the decorations inside their homes because of the amazing scent they spread.

  1. Sword lily

With the high hope people wish during the Chinese New Year celebration, the sword lily gladiolus is another lucky flowers that take part as the decorations for this event. The reason why this one is perfect for decoration is that it has many blossoms even on a single brand. Further, it symbolizes a rise in career and personal life, so it’s great to wish someone who just started a new job.

  1. Apricot Blossom

Do you know that the color of flower petals can represent specific meaning as well? Apricot blossom or in its Chinese name, Man Di Huang Jing is the example where it’s signature bright yellow color on the petals represents luck. That’s why it belongs to lucky flowers.

  1. Adeniums

In Mandarin, Adeniums are well-known as wealth plants. People usually choose their petals because the swollen basal stem they have symbolizes wealth and fortune. Rumor said that the bigger the basal stem is, the more prosperity will come. That’s why adeniums raise high demand during the Chinese New Year.

  1. Azaleas

Choosing bright colors decoration items including a flower is the must thing to do on Lunar celebration. Azaleas that are available in various bright colors options, such as shades of pink are great to portray the harmonious meaning they have.

  1. Guzmania Lingulata

As an auspicious fruit that takes an important role in Mandarin culture, a pineapple or in Hokkien is called ong lai (good fortune arriving). The flower of pineapple, guzmania lingulata this example of lucky flowers is the perfect choice for the Lunar celebration. Its flower sparks the good meaning behind it.

  1. Marigold

Another bright-colored petal that is being considered as a lucky flower comes from a marigold. According to Mandarin belief, a marigold signifies longevity. Sending someone a marigold means you wish them to get another great year over and over again in the future.

  1. Flamingo Lily

A flamingo lily that comes in auspicious red or pink also symbolizes prosperity. Not only great for new year’s celebration, this lucky flower is perfect for Valentine’s Day as well, so in other words, flamingo lilies are versatile. You can use it for these two events. 


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