The “Desert Warriors”, Cactus


Have you ever seen a small, medium, or large-sized plant with spikes all around its leaves? Have you ever saw them in movies, cartoons, or saw them right in front of your eyes? Yes, the name of those plants is Cactus. A cactus is a plant with a unique appearance that might be easily identified by simply seeing them with a naked eye because it has no leaves. The leaves have been reduced to a smaller size like needles so that it can save the amount of water it needs to survive. Cactus typically can be found in the desert, but it can also be planted indoors at home, depending on the types of cactus. This plant can also be used for medication and even as a source of food!

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Types of Cactus and How to Plant Them


There are a lot of different types of cactus, reaching about 2.000 in numbers around the world. However, like the characteristics mentioned above, most cactus have fleshy stems, didn’t have wood, didn’t have leaves, and grow in summer. The size of Cacti is varied; some can be very small; some can be very tall. Here in this article, we will include some information about the different types of cactus you might have heard or those you haven’t. These types of cactus below can even be planted in your home.

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Rose Garden, The Best Place for Romantic Dating

Rose Garden
Rose Garden

Ever imagined the beauty of a rose garden as beautiful as a fairy tale, like a sea of scattered flowers and the sweet scent of roses that spoil the nose? Undeniably, being in a sea of flowers is every woman’s dream. Especially if you go to the flower garden with your lover, it will be a very romantic and unforgettable moment.

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Get To Know The Lovely Lotus From Its Meaning


The lotus flower is an annual plant that lives in water. These plants are often likened to water lilies even though the two are different and not related. The similarity lies only in their habitat that grows in muddy soil or above water. Lotus is a species of aquatic plant that belongs to the genus Nymphaea Nelumbo family.

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Growing Tulips, Simple Guidelines to Plant It Properly

Growing Tulips, Simple Guidelines to Plant It Properly

As one of the most quintessential and beautiful spring flowers, many people get interested in growing tulips. The flowers usually have bright colors, generally in yellow, red, pink, or warm colors. Their different colors come from an internal base of petals inside.

The amount of tulips variety in this world is recorded up to 75 wild tulips, and over 3000 varieties that have been created by selective breeding. This flower is originally from Asia. People brought tulips to Europe back then in the 16th century on a massive scale. Nowadays, you can easily find it everywhere throughout the world.
Tulips normally start to emerge in March. Even, if mild winter can cause premature growth, tulips can adapt well. However, most tulips need specific weather to grow up. The main reason for the decreasing number of its species is caused by habitat destruction. To plant it properly, you can follow this simple guideline.

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Growing Daffodils; Simple Guidelines to Plant, Grow, and Care

Growing Daffodils, Simple Guidelines to Plant, Grow, and Care

Growing daffodils seem an easy task to do. But, to plant and grow this bright yellow flower properly needs some efforts. Daffodils are kind of hardy plants that are growing in most regions in North America. These eternal flowers all cover anything, everywhere, except in wettest and hottest areas like in South Florida.
You should know that daffodils belong to the fall-planted bulb. Thus, you can easily plant them when autumn to see their bloom in the next early spring or late winter. When talking about planting daffodils, think that there are numerous types of it. Specifically, daffodils have more than 50 species and 25000 registered hybrids or cultivars.
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5 Reasons Why We Need Decorative Plants In Our House

floweradvisor plant pots

Usually people think that plants belong outside their home, like in their own garden. But somehow we need to having indoor plants. Why? Here are the reasons:

1. Plants help clean the air

Plants give a great help for your house to clean the air. They help to reduce toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene which are usually found in paint, cigarrettes, vinyl and solvents. Not only that, they also can hold on the toxins, the dust and the dirt from outside. This is a great way to purify your bedroom or your children’s room.

2. Plants can give positive energy

Plants can create a positive energy in your house. Research has found that various kinds of plants can reduce stress levels and tension that created in the room. Its the best way to have plants as much as you can so that they will help to eliminate negative energy from other people and also will create a positive atmosphere and surroundings.

3. Plants can make your home feel cozy

Create a cozy atmosphere at your home by having plants. It’s never been so wrong to have something living in your house. Because plants can give a positive energy and also healthy. The “living things” are not only for pets because not everyone can afford them, but by having plants also can become a part of you and your lifestyle. Try to have some plants that have a “cozy” and “calm feelings like lily or aloe vera.

4. Plants can help increase memory and concentration

Many people decorate their desk with some plants. Research proves that beside relieve some stress and tension, plants can create more creative and work-friendly environment. Plants also can help you concentrate, focus, and open ideas while working . Beside that, plants also can make you more productive and eliminate some negative vibes from your place.

5. Plants can reduce hot atmosphere at home

Plants can create a perfect shade in your home, especially the tree-looking plants. They can make your home feels more comfortable and chill. Plants like aloe vera and snake plant also can act like humidifiers in your home. So say goodbye to hot days!

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