Kim Namjoon (Korean 김남준), better known by his stage name RM, (previously Rap Monster), is a South Korean rapper, record producer, and songwriter. He was born on September 12, 1994. He is the leader of the South Korean popular boy group BTS. Namjoon released his first solo mixtape, RM, in 2015. His second mixtape, Mono, released in October 2018, was the highest-charting album by a Korean soloist on the Billboard 200 chart, having peaked at 26. He has recorded with various international artists along with fellow group members.

While the band’s loyal ARMY knows everything that there is to learn about the BTS members, there is a lot to this South Korean performer that newbies may not know. Frontman Kim Namjoon has been amazing with his talents as an underground rapper before the forming of BTS. Since the group’s first debut in 2013, Rap Monster has steered the group to great heights. Check out some interesting facts about the charismatic leader Rap Monster below.

1. He is a natural genius

Rap Monster or RM, the leader of BTS is famous for his intelligence—his IQ is 148! He is the most fluent in English in the group, known for teaching himself the language while watching Friends. He has been playing a significant role in BTS’ success in English-speaking markets and achieving world dominance. He has a talent for songwriting and produces many of BTS’ most well-known songs, including the latest hit Butter.

In high school, he ranked the top one percent of students in the national university entrance exams. But what is most important now, the 26 years old RM, born Kim Namjoon, is a wise and mature leader in the world’s most sensational pop group, driving them to stay on the top of the industry for a long time.

Namjoon’s fluency in English and his love for academics have also driven him to develop a strong interest in reading. In various interviews, RM has spoken about his enjoyment of reading books. Moreover, many BTS videos have documented the same.

2. He has a superhuman level of professionalism and talents


One of the songwriters of BTS’ latest smash hit Butter, Jenna Andrews, has praised RM for his world-class executive production talent. In an interview with Genius, this Canadian songwriter told her experience collaborating with RM, with whom she co-wrote the popular English-language song. Andrews shared the influence RM had on the songwriting and how he built on the initial demo.

She thought that RM does not get enough credit for his world-class executive production skills. She said that many who are not ARMY tend to forget or do not know. He has been behind the scenes crafting the sound of the biggest pop group in the world.

Andrews added that RM is also clever in bringing out the best in all his group members on every song and his work beyond language barriers, which all takes a superhuman level of professionalism and talent. She also shared that the BTS leader can be amazingly humble when talking about his contributions.

3. He splurged on the prestigious Nine One Hannam

Nine One Hannam has crowned the most upscale apartment complex in Seoul and is nicknamed the Beverly Hills of Korea. The complex is located near the Han River and Namsan mountain and equipped with a four-step verification security system. Some luxury facilities such as party rooms, a swimming pool, a golf course, and a fancy dining lounge with breakfast served by hotel chefs complete the lavishness.

According to a South Korean news source, RM and fellow BTS member Jimin made their great purchase in March 2021, splurging around US$5.7 million and US$5.3 million. If they intend to live in the flats, they will become neighbors with other famous Hallyu stars such as the K-pop singer G-Dragon and actress Jun Jihyun.

4. He has a good-looking professional MMA fighter cousin

BTS RM and His Cousin
BTS RM and His Cousin

It has come to our awareness that BTS leader RM has a little cousin. Not just any cousin, but a butt-kicking professional MMA fighter, Seo Jiyeon (서지연). If you try to search for the information on the 20-year-old, it might be a little hard to find what you are seeking. The reason is that the MMA fighter shares the same name with two other famous South Koreans, an actress Seo Jiyeon and a fencer that also goes by Seo Jiyeon.

In the interview where she shared her relation with the BTS leader, she stated how she was initially afraid to reveal it, worry about insulting ARMYs. But she now feels proud of having a famous cousin and later added that she even got support from the idol. She also shared that she was encouraged by her elder cousin to continue her practice as a fighter.

5. He gave a speech at the UN

BTS’ music is known for its powerful message about loving yourself and accepting the good and bad of your personality. No wonder that BTS appeared in the UNICEF’s youth initiative called Generation Unlimited.

RM, the spokesperson for the group, gave a speech at UN headquarters in New York. Since he is the only BTS member who is excellent in English, he delivered the message while the other members stood behind him.

During his UN speech, Namjoon spoke, “I want to hear your voice. I want to hear your conviction. No matter where you are from, skin color, gender identity, just speak for yourself. Find your name and find your voice”. What a monumental moment for RM and BTS!

BTS RM and Jungkook
BTS RM and Jungkook

During an interview with GQ, BTS members talked about their preferred outfits and their style icons. Jungkook, the youngest member, revealed that he considers Kim Namjoon as his style icon. He added that he gets encouraged by the leader’s overall personality and his passion for music.

7. He is the God of Destruction

The loving and loyal ARMYs have been giving certain nicknames for all the BTS members. Aside from popularly known as RM, Rap Mon, Kim Namjoon, Joon, the group leader has another unique name. He is known as the God of Destruction since he is known to break and destroy things out of pure clumsiness. You can see many BTS videos have recorded the same. RM is also a master at losing AirPods—he lost thirty-three pairs of them. For this, the ARMYs enjoy affectionately making fun of him.


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