Celebrating a birthday is one way to make your children happy on their special day. As a parent also have the opportunity to get to know your child’s friends and parents closely.

Some people think celebrating birthdays is wasting money, especially for those of you who celebrate the birthdays of brothers and sisters on the same day. The budget for birthday celebrations will swell.

But there’s no need to worry, FlowerAdvisor will tell you Brother and Sister Birthday Party Ideas That Can Save Your Money. Let us see the tips below:

1. Make a more accurate and targeted budget


Determine the party budget carefully, and calculate each stage of preparation carefully. Add about 10% for unexpected expenses, and stick to all the budgets. This is so that there is no swelling of the budget needed for the party.

The estimated amount of birthday expenses spent on events at home must be according to your abilities. The concept of budgeting is so important. For example, we have a budget of 2 million rupiahs. With the number of guests that we have estimated, we can adjust all needs according to the concept that we have determined.

2. Do it at home


One way to save on the budget is to use the courtyard or living room of the house as an event venue. So, you don’t need to book a place at fast food outlets or restaurants for a child’s birthday. 

If you use the yard or one of the rooms at home as a party venue, you can cut quite a lot of expenses. You can use the budget to buy other items, such as party supplies and souvenirs.

3. Empower families as organizers and performers

Hiring a vendor to plan a child’s birthday concept is also a budget that you can cut. You can search for brother and sister birthday party ideas through the internet, and adjust them to your needs and budget. Then, you can ask your family members to join your brother and sister’s birthday party ideas. You can ask one of them to be the host party, while the other is the photographer. If possible, you can also ask someone in your family to be the party clown. You only rent the desired clown costume. 

It is certainly more economical than the services of a real clown. In addition, you can also ask your family to help you arrange food, wrap souvenirs, and so on.

4. Create your party decorations


Currently, there are some reference sources on the internet regarding party decorations, from room decorations to event backdrops. You can also choose various themes, ranging from unicorns, superheroes, Frozen, animals, cotton candy, festivals, and many more. 

There are many decoration brothers and sister birthday party ideas that you can choose an appropriate concept and then recreate the decoration. No need to be afraid of being considered less creative, because this shows you can give the best for children even with a limited budget. 

In addition, recreating decorations will make it easier for you to calculate how many balloons, flowers, backdrops, and other party decorations you need, so they don’t go to waste.

Considering that the decorating process is also impossible to do alone, you can ask your family for help. Just show your reference’s party decorations to them.

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5. Buy party supplies and souvenirs at wholesale prices and free shipping

Considering that you will be buying party supplies and souvenirs in large quantities, you should look for a seller who sells at wholesale prices. So, you can save some expenses from here. 

If you don’t find it, ask the seller you are interested in and bargain the price. Even if you buy online, you are also entitled to bid. Furthermore, it is up to the seller whether to accept your offer or not. 

If the seller refuses, you can decide whether to buy at retail prices or consider other sellers. If the seller you want is close enough, you can ask them to send via an online motorcycle. If the seller is in a different city, and far enough away, maybe you can look for a free shipping promo or ask the seller for the promo.

6. Provide enough food

Food is one component of a party that is often wasted. For fear of lack of food, party organizers generally provide snacks and cakes in large quantities. 

It can make expenses swell. So, as a solution, you must carefully calculate how many guests you have invited and their parents or companions. After that, you still need to provide more consumption as a precaution. You can exceed about 30% of the number of guests. It is one of  brother and sister birthday party ideas that can save your money.

7. Make your birthday cake


It is one item that is quite draining the pocket. Get around it by making your cake.  It is one of  brother and sister birthday party ideas that can save your money.

However, replace the buttermilk with water to make the cake denser and less sweet. Then, decorate the cake with homemade buttercream, by beating the milk, unsalted butter, vanilla, and sugar using a mixer.

Then, decorate the cake with sprinkles, marshmallows, or chocolate sticks. For inspiration and tutorials, you can get them from the internet.

It includes making your goodie bag, you can buy snacks, wafers, packaged milk, bread, and so on from grocery store agents to get prices cheaper and within your budget.

8. Create a digital party invitation

In this digital era, everyone has a mobile phone and social media. So you can take advantage of it, by making a child’s birthday invitation in digital form and then sending it via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. That way you have saved quite a lot of invitation costs.

Those are brother and sister birthday party ideas that can save your money. So. no need to worry anymore if you have two children who have the same birthday. You can apply these tips for brother and sister birthday party ideas.

Celebrating a birthday is one way to make your children happy on their special day. As a parent also have the opportunity to get to know your child’s friends and parents closely.

You can have a party even if the budget is limited. Because the most important thing is the loved ones who can attend, not the luxury of the party, and don’t forget to give a special gift that you can find on FlowerAdvisor.


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