Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas
Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas

A long distance relationship is more challenging than an ordinary one. Anyone who experiences this kind of relationship knows that it’s not easy, especially when it comes to gift-giving. Therefore, it’s necessary to know long distance relationship gift ideas, so you can cherish the special moment even though both of you are parted away by distance. Don’t know where to start? We’ve curated long distance relationship gifts for boyfriend or girlfriend ideas to ensure that distance doesn’t matter for sending thoughtful treats. Enjoy!

Brilliant Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas

1. Long Distance Messages in a Bottle

A Love Message in Bottle Gift for Long Distance Relationship
A Love Message in Bottle Gift for Long Distance Relationship

There are numerous options for long distance relationship gifts. If you’re searching for unique ones, choose something minimalist but still meaningful. A bottle with messages inside it is the right option for you. 

2. Hampers

Who can refuse a tasty snack treat? Everybody loves to munch on their savory and sweet tooths. Therefore, whenever you’re looking for the best gift for long distance relationship, gourmet hampers never fail to impress the recipient, your boyfriend, or your girlfriend.

3. Scrapbook

There’s no excuse to forget each other even though both of you are separated by distance. Photos are a great idea to reminding the moments you’ve shared with the dearest ones. You can place these portraits in a beautiful scrapbook.

4. Personalized Mug

A scrapbook is not the only most memorable gift for a lover you can send to your long-distancu partner. To ensure their heart is connected to you all the time, a personalized will be a great choice.

5. Engraved Spoon

Another option of long distance relationship gift ideas comes from a spoon. Not an ordinary spoon you can get from the regular market, but the one with your name and your partner’s name engraved on it. You can also use the date when both of you were starting dating.

6. Photo Frame

Organizing a scrapbook may take time. If you’re a person who hates time-consuming things, there’s another way to show your sincere love to your partner. A simple photo frame with a portrait of the two of you would be the best thing they ever get!

7. Box of Chocolates

Chocolates Gift for Long Distance Partner
Chocolates Gift for Long Distance Partner

Does your long-distance partner like a sweet treat? If so, a box of exotic chocolates will always be accepted as your surprises for long distance relationship boyfriend, because who can deny the satisfaction while biting a bar of chocolate?

8. A Love Note Messenger Box

A love note messenger box is an extra special way to send your partner messages. You can also send photos through this kind of romantic gift idea for a lover.

9. Personalized Calendar

You can also add a personalized calendar as your birthday gift idea for a long-distance partner. To make it more personal, feel free to customize the calendar with portraits of you two together.

10. Lamps

There are various options to stay connected with your lover. With long distance relationship gift ideas like lamps, no matter how far apart you two are, you’ll feel the person you love is right there with you.

11. Long Distance Connection Bracelets

Lamps are just not enough? Try giving them a long distance connection bracelet. With a perk of nowadays’ technology, you’ll stay connected to them by a light-up real-time alert with this kind of long distance relationship gifts you can purchase online.

12. Cakes

Sweet Cakes for Long Distance Relationship Gift
Sweet Cakes for Long Distance Relationship Gift

Cakes are not only appeared as gift ideas for a birthday party. You can send mouth-watering cakessuch as cupcakes anytime you want, especially for your separated-by-distance, long-time partner!

13. Phone Holder

Doing FaceTime together may be the best option to keep close to your long-distance boyfriend or girlfriend at the moment. Why not give a phone holder? With this functional item, they don’t have to hold their smartphone in their hands during the call.

14. Retro Mixtape

Want to go with something old-school as your gift? To bring back memories, wrap your music playlist in a retro-designed mixtape!

15. Initial Pendant

Luxury Gift for Long Distance Relationship
Luxury Gift for Long Distance Relationship

If you’re in the look at romantic gift ideas, you can consider an initial pendant as the option. This couple’s gift will keep the two of you close together no matter how far apart you two are.

16. Heart-shaped Pillow

There are many ways to release the heavy feeling of missing someone. With a heart-shaped pillow, your partner can hug it whenever they miss you!

17. Flower Bouquet

When it comes to gift-giving, a fresh-picked flower bouquet never fails to deliver your thoughtful message to the recipient, including your long-distance partner. This one of long distance relationship gift ideas will never out of style!

18. Two-times Zone Clock

Living in separate time zones doesn’t matter anymore if the two of you own a two-time zone clock. To make it looks more relevant to your relationship, you can personalize it.

19. Heart-shaped Plant

Heart-shaped items also appear in various types of houseplants. For example, a hoya heart. This easy-to-care houseplant suits anyone, so they won’t face difficulties in caring this meaningful gift for a lover.

20. Journal

A journal or notebook may seem simple, but it always works out for gift-giving. This item can help your partner to organize their things. Maybe two of you’s plans?

21. Virtual Gift Card

Since distance is the biggest obstacle to sending gifts to separate time zones, why not use virtual gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend? Gift cards are pretty useful for many occasions, like holidays.

22. Scented Candle

If you’re minding your partner’s well-being, it’s always appropriate to send something stress-relieving, such as a scented candle with specific notes to help them relax more.

23. Perfume

Perfume is one of the safest options when it comes to gift-giving. If you know the person well, it will be much easier to get the right one for them.

24. Acrylic Frame

For aesthetic enthusiasts, an acrylic frame must be included in their wishlist! You can personalize this decoration item with photos of you.

25. Custom Embroidered Sweatshirt

It’s always possible for the two of you to hang out together in the future. If the person doesn’t mind with couple-thingy gift ideas, a custom embroidered sweatshirt would be the best give ever!

These are all long distance relationship gift ideas for your dearest ones you can take as inspiration. Distance doesn’t matter!



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