Inspiration Bouquet of Roses for Brides


Marriage is the most awaited moment by any couple. Moments that only happen once in a lifetime must be prepared carefully. There are many preparations to be made in order to make this sacred event perfect, one of which is the issue of wedding bouquets. Wedding bouquets are the most important thing to support the wedding ceremony to give the impression of beauty, romantic, elegant, and cheerfulness that can be felt directly by the bride and groom. You can also customize flower arrangements to your wedding theme. Just like every picture that tells a story, every flower also has a story to tell.

At weddings, especially for brides, wedding bouquets have almost the same value as wedding dresses. Often bouquets are used as one of the determinants of themes, party accessories, and even decorations. Usually, also the brides will choose a bouquet longer than choosing a wedding dress. The apparent main reason for this is that they want to look different, elegant, and of course, classy. Therefore, bouquets for weddings usually have a fairly high standardization.

The changing times make the bouquet of wedding flowers undergo a makeshift so that it has a different meaning to send a ‘Message of love’. Traditionally, the groom usually uses a sprig of flowers seen in the bridal bouquet in the buttonhole. This custom is derived from a medieval tradition when a knight wore the color of his woman’s flower as a declaration of love. A flower on a bridal bouquet can give a million meanings. Become a symbol of love, health, and longevity. It is no wonder that the value and importance of flowers are always associated with specific shapes, colors, smells, legends, myths, or beliefs.

Bouquet of roses as a wedding bouquet

Rose Bouquet
Rose Bouquet

Red roses are flowers that are famous for their beauty. Although it has a thorny stem, it is undeniable that roses hold a million charms that can captivate many people’s eyes. Red roses themselves are widely philosophical as a symbol of true love. Many young people give roses in red to express their love for someone.

One of the reasons why this rose is so popular is because of its deep meaning. According to one story, red roses were once popular in medieval times because many brides wore crowns of red roses. Not without reason, of course, these brides expect purity and purity from their descendants in the future. In addition to the meaning of true love attached to the red rose, it turns out that this red rose is also a symbol of lasting peace and happiness.

Rose bouquets, as wedding bouquets, are quite popular. A bouquet of roses has a lot of meaning depending on the type of rose and its color. That’s why rose bouquets, as wedding bouquets, are much loved.

In the past, the color of the bridal bouquet tended to describe the feelings of the bride. The more intense the color of the bouquet means, the more excited the feeling of the bride. Now, the color of the bouquet is no longer a metaphor. Bouquet colors are more customizable on wedding themes, dress colors, and wedding decoration colors. Choosing the appropriate rose color for the meaning of your wedding can give a special impression in the wedding procession.

So that the hand bouquet can be something very meaningful and unforgettable on your wedding day, then adjust the flowers to the theme of your wedding and wedding dress. When the fashion already looks festive with embroidery, brocade, lace, or sequins, choose a series of simple hand bouquets. Whereas when the clothes are displayed simple, paired with a more luxurious and festive hand bouquet. Also, posture is very decisive in the design of wedding bouquets. Women with large and tall bodies should choose the shape of a hand bouquet with long flowers dangling down so that when grasped, give a vertical line that streamlines the body. For owners of small and short bodies should choose the shape of a hand-tight bouquet with a small flower arrangement.

The beauty of white roses as a symbol of sincerity and chastity

White Rose Bouquet
White Rose Bouquet

The meaning of white rose is as good as the meaning of red rose. White roses mean sincere and humble love. Also, white roses mean faithfulness, hope, and symbols of chastity.

A White rose bouquet as a wedding bouquet is quite often used. Why? The average wedding theme in the world uses white as the main color. That’s why the bride and groom often choose bouquets of white roses.

The bouquet of white roses also gives a classic impression. For brides who like or wear a classic wedding theme, then white roses are the right choice.

Bouquet of red roses as a sign of great love

The beautiful and luxurious look makes roses often chosen by the bride and groom as a bouquet of wedding flowers. Containing the meaning of love, joy, loyalty, and happiness, the presence of roses as a bouquet seems to represent what the bride and groom feel on a special day.

The bouquet of red roses is also suitable for wearing a white wedding dress. The all-white wedding venue décor with a touch of red is a great and interesting choice.

Bouquet of pink roses as a symbol of gratitude

Pink Rose Bouquet
Pink Rose Bouquet

The color of this pink rose can convey subtle emotions such as admiration, joy, and gratitude. If red roses are judged ‘bold,’ everyone agrees that pink implies tenderness. Pink roses symbolize elegance, gratitude, and joy. But different messages, different pink roses that you need. In the market, you will find pink roses with three gradations, namely, older (deep pink), medium (medium pink), and light pink (light pink).

Generally, pink roses are synonymous with sweet things and symbolize tenderness. However, dark pink roses are usually given to show gratitude or gratitude to someone. Meanwhile, light pink roses tend to be synonymous with love and tenderness. That’s why this flower is also quite often used as part of wedding decorations or bridal bouquets.

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