Black Rose
Black Rose

Rose is one of the most loved and most popular flowers in the world. Roses have various color choices. One of the most unique is the black rose. This Rose does not grow in nature, so usually, people derived it from dark red or dark purple colored rose. The color can be deepened by soaking the rose in a vase of water and black ink mixture. This dyeing method can be used in any rose color, but it might take a few days until the rose is fully blackened. There are also other methods to blackened the rose, one of the examples is a certain method of burning. Genetic engineers also currently worked to develop seeds to grow natural black roses

Black roses give us the impression of mysteriousness and elegance. It is visually pleasing and can create a gothic-themed decor element in your room or garden. But as red roses are used for the expression of love, This roses also have their meaning and symbolism. Not only in relationships, but in political movements, art and literature, and pop culture. 

Black Rose Meaning and Symbolism

Black Rose Meaning and Symbolism
Black Rose Meaning and Symbolism

At the beginning of the Victorian Era, there was a popular code called the Language of Flowers or known as floriography. This is a way to send messages through flowers. In this code, black roses symbolize danger, death, farewell, and hatred. There is a history of roses once used by the mafia to send death threats. In alternate, it also mean rejuvenation, rebirth, the beginning of a drastic change, and pure devotion. 

After the Language of Flowers faded out, this kind of black rose meaning and symbolism continued to be used in fictional works.

In the political movement, the black rose is a symbol of anarchism, but it is rarely used. This symbolism started in the 1970s when there was a respected journal of anarchist ideas titled The Black Rose. This journal was published around Boston and also became the name of an anarchist lecture series into the 1990s. Then there was Black Rose Books, a pre-eminent anarchist bookstore in Montreal headed by anarchist philosopher Dimitrios Roussopoulos. Lately, it have become a symbol of the Black Rose Anarchist Federation founded in 2014 in the United States.

In art, literature, and pop culture, the black rose is also used in a lot of works as a symbol of different things, but mostly the black rose meaning is still about mystery, danger, and death.  A single black rose is often used as a symbol of mourning, farewell, or remembrance. It typically represents grief, loss, or the end of something significant. It can also be a symbol of mystery or the unknown. The meaning of a single black rose can vary depending on the context and the intention of the person giving or receiving it.

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The Meaning of Black Rose in Relationship

Black Rose in Relationship
Black Rose in Relationship

As we all know, in relationships, red roses are usually used to express romance and love. Black roses also have their meaning when it comes to symbolism in relationships. Black roses can be related to obsessive love or tragic romance. If you are going to give a black rose in certain live events, these could be the options:


As black roses used to symbolize death since the Victorian Era, you can also give black roses as a symbol of mourning to someone who mourns their loved ones. 

New Beginning

A black rose can also be a symbol of positive rebirth. So you can give a black rose as you congratulate someone for starting a new chapter or transformation in their life. 

The End of Relationship

The end of a relationship can be considered a tragedy. But it’s also a sign of a new beginning. Black rose could be the expression of a bittersweet feeling as you say goodbye to someone but wishing them the best in the future and giving them strength to start a new beginning after separation. 

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Black Rose Flower Bouquet and Arrangement

Black Rose Bouquet
Black Rose Bouquet

Besides the widely translated meaning of black rose, it is also possible to give black rose just because you love its elegance. Having this roses in bouquets definitely can wipe away the reputation of roses being too cheesy or conventional. Black roses flower bouquets will look unique, modern, and stunning. You can combine it with gold ribbons, succulent, dried flowers, and rustic greenery. Here are some ideas to use the black rose flower in a bouquet or arrangement:

  • Black Rose Flower Box

Flower box is one of the most loved flower arrangements when you use a gift box and fill it with flowers. Full-black rose flower box could be the perfect choice to be sent as a mourning expression. Use a full black heart-shaped gift box and add accents like white ribbon and well-written monochrome gift card. 

  • Gothic Wedding Bouquet

When you got a gothic-themed wedding party, the only perfect choice is to use black roses as a wedding bouquet. Make it simple and focus on details. Use a bunch of black roses and fully wrap the flower stem with a black ribbon. Add some pearl or white lace in the black wrapped stem to make it outstanding. 

  • Black-Gold Themed Bouquet

Sometimes we also want to give a black rose flower bouquet on a happy occasion such as a new career, gold-wedding anniversary, new house, or other events. Using only a black rose for this kind of bouquet may seem too grim, so try combining it with gold. Put some gold paper-wrapped chocolate on the bouquet with one big black rose, double wrap it with black and gold wrapping paper, and add a gold ribbon too. Suddenly the bouquet will look not only glamorous but also elegant at the same time. 

  • Contrasting Color Bouquet

Just as it said in fashion, black goes well with any other color. It does so in flower bouquets. If you don’t want to focus on the black rose, use the black rose flower as an accent to the contrasting color-themed bouquet. Combine it with a violet-themed bouquet, it will complement the color of the other flowers. Combine it with a red roses bouquet, it will add a sexy and mysterious effect. 

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