Black Forest Cake, The Most Popular Cake with Philosophy

Who doesn’t like black forest cake? Everyone must be very familiar with this cake decorated with cherries and fresh cream. Black forest cake is one of the most popular cake variants in the world. Black forest cake is a cake with a chocolate base that is covered with whipped cream, completely covered with chocolate cream, and decorated with distinctive cherries on top as a topping.

Black Forest Cake
Black Forest Cake

Currently, the black forest is a very common cake served as a birthday cake or other celebrations such as weddings. You can easily buy black forest cake at cake shops.

What is the history of this cake that everyone loves so much?

1. Interesting History of Black Forest Cake

When it comes to black forest cake, we definitely remember the cake with a chocolate sponge base decorated with cream and a sprinkling of shaved chocolate, as well as cherries which are its main characteristics. There’s nothing wrong with that because that’s usually what we see in cake shop windows. Starting from a small cake shop to a modern cake shop definitely sells this cake.

Black forest cake is actually the name of a forest in the province of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, namely Schwarzwald. In English, Schwarzwald means the Black Forest. Schwarzwald is famous throughout the country for its forest products in the form of cherries of excellent quality and in abundance. The fruit has become a favorite throughout the country and is widely processed into cherry juice or better known as kirschwasser and various desserts.

There are many different versions of who made the black forest cake recipe first and when it was made. Some say black forest cake was made by Joseph Keller in 1915, but there is also literature that says this cake was first made by Erwin Hilderbrand, a cafe owner in a small town near Schwarzwald in 1930.

The original version, black forest cake is made of whipped cream, kirschwasser, and fresh cherries. But over time, this cake began to be varied with chocolate sponge cake which is equipped with chocolate ganache filling, and canned dark cherry which is cooked first. The use of kirschwasser as liqueur syrup can also be replaced with ordinary simple syrup made of water and sugar, without the addition of alcohol.

In the past, Black Forest Cake was only available to be enjoyed by the nobility of the big cities in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. But now, the delicacy of black forest cake has become worldwide and is enjoyed by everyone, until it becomes people’s favorite choice. Until now, there have been many cake shops selling various black forest creations, ranging from the roll cake version, roll cake, pudding, brownies, and even steamed black forest.

2. Black Forest Cake Can Reflect A Person’s Personality

Black Forest Cake
Black Forest Cake

Everyone has a favorite cake, and that’s why there are many choices when we go to a cake shop. One of the most classic is the black forest cake. In the past, when it was birthdays, this cake was a mainstay because it could be eaten together. It turns out that the choice of a favorite cake can guess a person’s personality.

The black forest cake lover is the type of person that many people like because he easily blends in with the people around him. He can carry himself well. He may not be the type of leader, but when he talks, people will listen to him. He lives life the way he should, not getting off track or trying things he finds odd. People may think he is the boring type, but in fact, he is easily liked and respected by those around him.

3. Black Forest Cake as Best Birthday Cake

Black Forest Cake
Black Forest Cake

During a birthday celebration, it is incomplete if there is no birthday cake. In this day and age, there are countless types of birthday cakes sold in cake shops. But among the cakes sold in cake shops, there must be one cake that occupies the highest caste. Yes, that’s right, it’s a black forest cake.

Black forest cake has been the most popular cake for birthdays for years. This cake can be consumed by everyone. That’s why many people like it. This cake does not have too much cream, so it doesn’t make you nauseous. The texture of the bread is soft. The taste is suitable for all circles because the sweet taste is just right. Black forest cake is the best birthday cake.

4. Difference between Black Forest Cake and Brownies


Both types of cakes both use chocolate as the main ingredient. Even so, the material, shape, and presentation of the two are not the same.

The types of brownies that are known are fudgy, chewy, and cakey. The three types differ in texture and taste. The difference is influenced by the ratio of fat and flour in the recipe.

Different from brownies, black forest cake is a type of chocolate cake that is stacked into several layers. Then in each layer, coated with Kirsch liquid to keep the cake texture moist. In the final stage before serving, the black forest cake is decorated with a layer of white cream and grated chocolate bars and cherries as a sweetener. The decoration is the hallmark of the black forest cake. Meanwhile, brownies cannot be made in layers like black forest cake because of the uneven skin.

5. Tips for Making Delicious Black Forest Cake Cake

First, use quality materials. The ingredients for making black forest cake include sugar eggs, cake emulsifiers, medium protein flour, and chocolate. Make sure to use good quality and fresh ingredients. Of course, using ordinary quality ingredients will affect the outcome of your black forest cake. After that, weigh the ingredients for making black forest cake carefully and according to the recipe dose.

Second, beat the eggs at high speed. Beat the eggs using a mixer at the highest speed for maximum results.

Third, gradually stir in melted butter. Use a plastic spatula to mix the butter and dough evenly. Stir gradually so that the dough does not fall.

Fourth, decorate the black forest cake when it is cold. Make sure the cake is not still hot. This is so that the buttercream does not melt when smeared for cake decoration.

Last but not least, store the black forest cake in the refrigerator. Store the cake in the refrigerator until the buttercream hardens. While waiting, melt the chocolate bar as the next garnish. Drizzle the melted chocolate over the black forest cake.

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