Strawberry Cake
Strawberry Cake

Actually, either strawberry cake or chocolate cake has a good taste. Both can be gifts to give to someone. But usually, we tend to confuse choosing the two. Which one is better? That question will not be difficult to answer if you know the preferences of the prospective gift recipient. So, you need to know what he likes. If you don’t know what flavor he likes, then you can take the following points into consideration.

Difference between Strawberry Cake and Chocolate Cake

The most basic difference between these two cakes is of course the color. Strawberry cake has a pink color, not much different from strawberries. While the chocolate cake has a brown color, the same as the name.

Not many people know that color has a very prominent role in a person’s life. Not only affects thinking, but color can also be a determinant of decision making and mood determinants. From the actual color, we can already distinguish its meaning.

The pink color of the strawberry cake is a color that leads to passion, kindness, and understanding. This color will usually try to make the other person feel welcome by offering an unmatched level of sympathy.

As a very approachable color, pink is neither intimidating nor threatening. However, this one color lover offers the opposite effect. The color pink is full of romance. With its feminine and light nature, pink has a never-ending charm. Pink is also considered a soft and subtle hue.

Strawberry cake is certainly the right choice for those of you who want to show a romantic side. Strawberry cake will increase the desire and positive charm for you and the person receiving it. Considering the meaning of the color pink, the strawberry cake is suitable to be given to couples.

Different from the strawberry cake, chocolate cake which has a chocolate color has its own philosophy. Brown is one of the colors that contains earth elements and the dominance of this color will give the impression of being warm, comfortable, and safe. Psychologically, brown will give the impression of being strong and reliable and symbolizing a foundation and life force.

The Difference Between Strawberry and Chocolate Cake Philosophy

Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Cake

Strawberries are often used as cake decorations and puddings. Many people think that strawberries have a sweet taste because of their red and fresh appearance. Though this fruit tends to have a sour taste. Not a few people crinkled their eyes when eating this fruit.

But that’s exactly what is unique about strawberries. Although it tastes sour, many people also make strawberries their favorite fruit. Why do some people like strawberries and some don’t? It turns out that this has something to do with a person’s personality.

People who like strawberries are the type of people who are polite and have good manners. She looks beautiful and neat, pleasing to the eye. He has the impression of class and intelligence because of his civilized and not careless demeanor. Strawberry lovers are also people who think logically and wisely, especially in terms of thinking about the interests of others.

He never forgets to say thank you to people who compliment him or be kind to him. But unfortunately, because he always wants to appear and be seen well, he finds it difficult to express his true heart. It’s hard for him to open up and be himself. He prefers to suppress his feelings or solve problems on his own for fear of being troublesome.

Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Cake

Meanwhile, people who like chocolate are believed to have a friendly and calm personalities. He is friendly to everyone but still manages to put himself out there. He didn’t hesitate to get along with anyone regardless of status. Chocolate lovers don’t like all the problems, aka no drama. He likes something simple and uncomplicated.

Chocolate ice cream flavor is always loved by many people. Chocolate lovers have fun and loving personality. They like to take life to the extreme and often make others jealous of it. The only downside to chocolate lovers is that they get carried away easily and get tempted by other things.

Benefits of a Strawberry Cake for the Body


Strawberries are enriched with vitamin C and antioxidants. Both can help fight free radicals so that the eyes avoid problems such as dry eyes, macular degeneration, and cataracts. In addition, the potassium content in strawberries is also believed to be effective in overcoming the problem of ocular pressure in the eyeball which can harm vision.

The benefits of strawberries are no less important is to improve brain function. This is because the strawberry content is rich in anthocyanidins and flavonoids which are effective in preventing memory loss.

The next important benefit of strawberries is to prevent strokes. This is because the anthocyanins in strawberries can prevent hypertension.

For those of you who want to lose weight, you should include strawberries in the fruit diet menu and other types of daily diets. This is because of the high dietary fiber content in the fruit.

In addition to losing weight, the fiber contained in strawberries can also help maintain digestive health. Fiber serves to bind fat and feces in the intestines, thus preventing you from various diseases such as constipation and hemorrhoids. Fiber can also help the gut flora to digest food better.

The next benefit of strawberries is to help prevent inflammation. Strawberry content that acts as an anti-inflammatory are polyphenols, anthocyanins, micronutrients, and fiber.

In addition to preventing premature aging, vitamin C contained in strawberries can also help make your skin brighter.

Benefits of Chocolate Cake for the Body

Chocolate is well known to improve mood. The content of flavonoids in chocolate can improve blood flow and reduce the risk of blockages in blood vessels. This effect makes chocolate a good food for preventing heart disease and stroke.

Consuming chocolate is also known to be good for maintaining brain health and function. This benefit comes from the flavonoid content in chocolate which can improve concentration and memory. The antioxidant content in chocolate is believed to be able to prevent cell damage which is one of the causes of cancer.


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