9 Types of Bikes and Their Uses


Bicycles are one of the world’s favorite means of transportation for a long time. Apart from hobbies and sports, there are still many who rely on bicycles for work activities. That’s why there are many variations of bicycles based on their functions and uses. Different bicycle structures are deliberately created to maximize the user according to the function of each type. Some are designed to support speed, efficiency, endurance in difficult terrain, to attractions.

The benefits of cycling are not only for recreation or as a means of transportation, but also good for the health of the body. By cycling regularly, you can avoid various health problems, from stress to heart attacks. One of the other benefits of cycling is reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This is because cycling can maintain the stability of insulin hormone production in the body. It can also reduce the risk of cancer, including colon cancer and breast cancer.

When cycling, the body will reduce levels of stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, in the body. Not only that, seeing and enjoying the scenery while cycling can also reduce the stress experienced. Cycling can maintain ideal body weight because it can burn fat and increase the body’s metabolic rate. Cycling for 1 hour alone can burn at least 600 calories.

It is one of the most practical and easy-to-do sports options. This is what makes bicycles a favorite sport for various groups, from children to adults. The following is an explanation of the types of bicycles that are distinguished by characteristics, types of users, and places of use.

1. Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike

True to its name, mountain bikes were originally designed to conquer mountainous terrain. But this bike is not only used for mountain climbing. You can use it for other activities with off-road terrain that is difficult for ordinary bicycles to pass. Mountain bikes aka MTB are usually built with sturdy but flexible materials, to survive on uneven paths. It has a tough structure and is equipped with a suspension fork. This bike is suitable for lovers of outdoor activities, especially forests and mountains.

2. Racing Bike

Racing Bike
Racing Bike

Racing bikes are designed to be able to reach high speeds on paved roads. Road bikes usually have lightweight but sturdy frames and wheels and are equipped with acceleration settings. The world bicycle championships use this type of bicycle and have been held since 1868. The most famous and prestigious championship is the Tour de France championship. This type of bicycle has a tough and lightweight structure, curved handlebars, and has acceleration features. This bike is suitable for lovers of cycling sports with long-distance use. A suitable place to use this type of bicycle is a paved road.

3. Touring Bike

A touring bike has a shape and acceleration system like a road bike. However, it is equipped with additional special features. Touring bikes are usually equipped with equipment such as storage areas, drinking places, and others in preparation for traveling very long distances. It has features similar to road bikes. This bike is suitable for users who like long-distance cycling. The type of road that is suitable is a paved road.

4. BMX Bike

The bicycle motocross type (BMX) has a unique shape. This is a millennial’s favorite bike. BMX bikes usually have wheels that are not as big as racing or fixie bikes, small and slightly tilted frames, and low seats. The design is made to make it easier for users who usually do freestyle actions on stairs, benches, or the edges of parks or other places in urban areas. This type of bike has a high handlebar, low seat, small wheels with thick tires. This bike is suitable for young people who like freestyle.

5. Folding bike

Folding bicycles are one of the most popular types of bicycles for urban communities. In addition to its compact size and can be folded. Folding bikes also usually have a lightweight to carry anywhere. The characteristics of this type of bicycle are compact, lightweight, and flexible. This bicycle is suitable for urban people with high mobility.

6. Fixie Bike

Fixed gear bikes or more familiarly called fixies have frames and wheels that are similar to racing bikes. The striking difference is in the mechanics. Fixed wheel bicycle has a wheel movement mechanism that is not free. So, if you pedal forward, the pedals and tires will continue to move according to the applied force. These bikes are also usually not equipped with a handbrake. If you want to stop, all you have to do is turn the pedal in the opposite direction. At first, these fixies were used for bicycle races with special tracks at the velodrome. However, now more for casual use. The characteristics of this type of bicycle are fixed wheel mechanism and without a hand brake. This bike is suitable for urban people and the right place to use it is on paved roads.

7. Hybrid Bike

Hybrid bicycles are modern bicycles whose design is a combination of road bikes and mountain bikes. The purpose of making this bicycle is to meet the needs of bicycle users who want a manual two-wheeled vehicle that is both tough and has high speed. This type of bicycle is suitable for users who like long-distance cycling as well as off-road. Of course, the right place to use it is on paved roads and off-road.

8. Tandem Bike

Tandem Bike
Tandem Bike

A tandem bicycle is a bicycle that is designed to be used by several people at once. Usually, it is intended for family use. Equipped with a pedal system that is connected for efficient use because they are pedaled together. This type of bike has a low seat, small tires, and a long body. This bike is suitable for family or couple use. The right place to use it is on a flat road.

9. Electric Bike

This is a combination of conventional bicycles with power source technology to support the use of environmentally-friendly vehicles. This electric bicycle refers to a machine that relies on electric power to move, not by pedaling the bicycle manually. So, electric bicycles can include any type of bicycle that relies on electric power to move. This bike has a variety of shapes and is suitable for use on flat roads with short distances.

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