Being in the workspace all day without attractive decorations will certainly be very boring. Well,...

Table Flowers Recommendation
Table Flowers Recommendation

Being in the workspace all day without attractive decorations will certainly be very boring. Well, so that it’s not boring, you can put some mini ornamental plants like table flowers in the room to beautify your work desk. If there’s only a pile of work documents and a laptop on your desk, it’s certainly very boring and stressful, right? 

Well, the presence of one or two table flowers on the work desk will certainly give a more refreshing feel. The existence of table flowers has several benefits, including absorbing toxins in the room, reducing stress, triggering creativity, and increasing the humidity of the room. In addition, your desk space will look more attractive and aesthetic.

Table Flowers Type

Table Flowers For Your Work Desk
Table Flowers For Your Work Desk

There are many types of mini ornamental plants that can be grown in pots and can live indoors. The method of planting itself, from planting media to creativity in assembling ornamental plants also varies.

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But you need to know that not all plants or flowers are suitable to be placed on the work table. Below are some table flowers recommendations that you can choose for your work desk.

1. Peace Lily


peace lily plant in white pot on grey background Generative AI
Peace lily

The peace lily flower which is a symbol of purity is believed to provide a sense of calm, peace, and anger relief. This pure white flower that looks like a tulip bud grows upright with its dark green leaves. This ornamental plant is most ideal to be placed on the edge of the window, because of its nature that builds a good mood, and provides a comfortable soft touch. Putting it on your desk allows you to work quietly and peacefully.

2. Heart Philodendron

Free photo potted house plant against gray wall background
Heart Philodendron

This green plant called heart philodendron provides a cool atmosphere because of its high absorption of pollutants. This plant has the same leaf shape as betel leaf, heart-shaped with creeping growth. This plant makes you not easily bored and also functions as a stress repellent. You can grow it simply by dipping the stems in a glass vase filled with water.

3. Garbera Daisy Flower

Photo pink gerber in white vase on white table
Garbera Daisy Flower

The colorful gerbera daisy flowers can give the impression of being alive, fresh, and beautiful. You will feel at home long in the office for work. The beauty of colorful daisies is suitable for those of you who don’t feel at home in the office for long. Maintenance is easy, just cut the stems and dip them in a vase filled with water. However, one of these flower ornamental plants needs to get direct sunlight regularly.

4. Spider Plant

Free photo green plant in vase on wooden table generative ai
Spider plant

This indoor air purifier is dubbed the spider plant, its drooping leaves are the thing that attracts it. This plant has a high absorption of toxins in the air up to 90 percent within 2 days. The texture of the leaves that are not too hard that are already long will fall limp and dangle down so that they look like spider legs. This spider plant is also often used as a hanging ornamental plant on the terrace of the house!

5. Cactus, Special Table Flowers

Table Flowers Type
Table Flowers Type

Cactus plants have always been favorite ornamental plants, their diverse variants make them suitable to improve mood. Cacti with various shapes planted in small pots will look so tiny and adorable. In addition to cleaning the air, the cactus will also improve the mood to make it more stable. Don’t water it too often and don’t get too much sun so that the cactus is durable and doesn’t rot quickly.

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6. Aglonema

Photo aglonema ruby compacta with white background

Aglonema’s charming leaf pattern is suitable for the work environment of the employees. This 2020 booming ornamental plant grows upright with wide leaves which now have various variants. This aglonema ornamental plant can also stand in an air-conditioned room. Its function is not kidding, it can absorb stubborn benzene and formaldehyde in the air.

7. Orchid

Free photo pink orchids in a vase on a windowsill with white chairs
Orchid flower

Orchids are believed to stimulate memory and help increase morale, making them suitable for placing on your desk. These orchids usually live in places that have low water availability. So you don’t have to worry about keeping it indoors, especially on your office desk. Planting it can be done with a variety of media, but care must be taken to keep it fresh and not wilted.

8. Aloe vera

Medicinal aloe vera pot Nature leaf room Generate Ai
Aloe vera

Aloe vera can not only be planted on the outside, you can use the mini variant for decorating your office desk as well. Besides being useful for hair fertility, aloe vera can also be used for room decoration. Its ability to absorb harmful chemicals makes aloe vera able to provide coolness and freshness to the room.

9. Mini Bamboo

Free photo modern japanese home furniture decor
Mini Bamboo

Even though it is small, mini bamboo is believed to be able to calm a bad mood. This ornamental plant in the form of ornamental bamboo originating from China and Japan has a soft and straight texture. how to plant it is easy, this mini bamboo can survive by just dipping it in water, as long as you change the water often so it doesn’t get dirty.

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10. Boston Fern

Boston fern also known as Green Lady sits gracefully on a wooden table providing a touch of modernit
Boston fern

If your workspace is hot, the Boston fern is perfect for neutralizing it. This plant can clean and humidify the air. This plant naturally likes humid places, but its ability to absorb water makes the Boston fern refreshing. I’m sure your skin won’t dry out if your desk is decorated with Boston fern.

11. Mother-in-law’s Tongue

Photo decorative sansevieria plant on wooden table in living room
Mother-in-law’s Tongue (Sansevieria plant)

This mother-in-law’s tongue is not as expected, its beauty and properties make your office space fresher and more colorful. This sword-shaped plant can not only be planted outdoors but can also be placed on a work desk. Like a cactus plant, this mother-in-law’s tongue also does not require much care, even this plant can grow even if it is only exposed to light.

12. Bonsai

Strange beautiful potted bonsai ornamental plants indoor decoration elegant life atmosphere
Bonsai plant

Bonsai is also one of the best choices of indoor mini ornamental plants to give an elegant impression. In addition, this mini-plant with a unique shape will make your desk look more attractive. Don’t forget to keep taking care of the bonsai to keep it looking beautiful.

13. Jade Plant

Free photo tiny plants in an aluminum pot on wooden table against black background
Jade Plant

This plant only needs moderate light for a few hours each day. So, jade plants can be placed anywhere in the room. Since the soil or growing medium must be dry before watering, it is advisable to test the soil moisture for a few seconds every morning.

14. Tillandsia

Photo a selective focus shot of tillandsia plants crawling on a tree branch

Tillandsia or air plant is a group of plants from Bromeliaceae which has about 500 species. This air plant has been widely grown in various tropical countries including Indonesia to be used as ornamental plants. Because tillandsia is an air plant, it does not really need soil as a growing medium. Similar to orchids, in the wild Tillandsia is easily found on the tree. Tillandsia water needs are not as much and as often as other plants. You just give it every 2-3 weeks as long as it gets enough sunlight so it doesn’t wilt.

15. Peonies

A beautiful bouquet of pink peones in a vase Living room decoration Generated AI

Peonies are known for their large, fluffy blooms and are perfect for creating a romantic and soft ambiance.

16. Sunflower

Photo a sunflower is sitting on a table next to a tablet and a tablet.

Sunflowers are ideal for rustic or outdoor-themed table arrangements. They bring a cheerful and sunny vibe to the setting

17. Gypsophila

Green plant twigs in vase near wall

Gypsophila is a delicate and airy flower that can be used to fill in arrangements or as standalone decor. It complements various other flowers beautifully.



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