Birthday is an important day to be celebrated every year. There are many reasons to celebrates birthdays, commonly because they feel gratitude for increasing age, appreciating life, and what they have gone through throughout the years. 

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Happy Birthday Balloons
Happy Birthday Balloons

Birthday is an important day to be celebrated every year. There are many reasons to celebrates birthdays, commonly because they feel gratitude for increasing age, appreciating life, and what they have gone through throughout the years. 

Celebrating birthday will feel better when you are with loved ones. They show how important and precious a person is by celebrating a birthday and making the day different for that person. One way to celebrate it is a birthday party. 

When you prepare a birthday party, one thing necessary to do is decorating the room with a different touch. 

Currently, beside decorating for marriage proposal, there is also decorating birthday parties that could attract people’s attention. Even just using this one object is enough to enliven a surprise event for the birthday person. That thing is a balloon!

Balloons give happiness

Ballons For Happiness
Ballons For Happiness

Balloons are the material that needs at the birthday party. It is part of the decor and makes an impact on birthdays. Some of the reasons why balloons are so widely used at birthdays are:

  • Versatile 

Balloons are versatile in that they come in many shapes, many colors, and many sizes. Choose a balloon according to your needs. The balloon fills up with different types of air to determine how long it lasts. If filled with ordinary air can last up to several weeks, whereas if filled with helium can last about 10 to 20 hours.

  • Attract attention

Choosing balloons with the shape, color, and size can make the decorations look more beautiful and attract the attention of the guests present. They tend to enjoy the atmosphere more with attractive decorations. 

  • Easy to Use

Another advantage of balloons is that they are easy to use. There’s been a lot of tailoring services lately. But balloons are one part of the decoration that you can do by yourself. The balloons can be taped to the wall or roof with a tip or fill them with helium and let them fill the top of the room. They can beautify the room, whatever way balloons are decorated.

  • Easy to clean

The hardest thing is cleaning up after the birthday party is over. But this is nothing to worry about when using balloons as decoration material. The easy way is to pop the balloon with it only takes a little time to clean it.

  • Cheap
Cheap reason why use this for Party
Cheap reason why use this for Party

A decoration material that is very affordable and can be found anywhere, whether in stores or online. It is a big reason why balloons are the top choice in birthday party decorations.

More than these five reasons, balloons convey the meaning of joy, happiness, freedom, and passion. Starting from children to adults always fall in love when they see balloons. So it is very appropriate to make balloons as part of the birthday party decoration is full of happiness and enthusiasm. 

Balloon Shapes

Types of Balloons

There are many types of balloons. You have to choose what balloons are suitable for birthday decorations. It consists of its materials, shapes, and colors. You have to know all the things about a balloon to choose it.

Latex and Foil are types of materials of the balloon that use in birthday parties. 

  • Latex

The most common material of a balloon. It is cheaper and environmentally friendly. It has many different shapes and colors. Compatible filled with either plain air or helium. Approximately size can reach 36 inches. Unfortunately, this material is not reusable because the latex rubber changes shape when the balloon is inflated and can only last a day or two. 

  • Foil

This material is increasingly popular and rivals latex. Often a balloon material with various shapes such as characters, numbers, and letters. It is reusable and versatile. You can choose this balloon if you plan to make a big birthday party. Unfortunately, these balloons are expensive.

Whatever shapes or colors you will choose, the material is formed by the two of those.

The birthday event itself usually has a unique theme so that the decorations determine and support it. Choosing the right balloon shape for your needs is a must. We write some of the forms that common

  • Sphere.

One of the simplest balloon shapes. This form can be made of latex and foil. Has a large selection of colors and sizes. This balloon shape is often used as a decoration for a door or gate to welcome guests who attend.

  • Square

One of the unique balloon shapes and rarely used in birthday events. But still can be an interesting choice in decoration. The shape of the box will attract the attention of the guests present. Not only will it be beautiful when it floats on the roof of the room, but it can also provide an interesting touch in the corner of the room.

  • Heart
Heart Shape Balloons
Heart Shape Balloons

Following its shape, these balloons are often used as gifts or birthday decorations from the lover. Although it has color variants, red and pink are popular choices. This shape can also be a birthday decoration with a romantic theme.

  • Star and Crescent
Star and Crescent Balloons
Star and Crescent Balloons

Another balloon shape that is also often used is the star and crescent shape. Gold and silver colors are popular choices in this balloon shape. Most suitable for placing it on photobooth decorations at birthday events.

  • Number

Numbers become identical in birthday events. Using number balloons is essential. Shaped from the numbers 0 to 9. Most number balloons are made of a type of foil. These balloons have various sizes from small to large. If you don’t want to show your birthday, you can use this number balloon for the year of birth. That might be better.

  • Letter

Balloons, which are the essence of birthday parties, are letter-shaped. More with foil. Various letters from A to Z are available in color variants. Decorating a birthday event with his name emblazoned with balloons is very sweet to look at.

  • Characters
Kid Loves Character Balloons
Kid Loves Character Balloons

There are so many character balloons. Starting from cartoon characters, emojis, movies, animals, objects, transportation, and so on. Most of these character balloons are used at children’s birthday parties, but not infrequently for adults as well

  • Transparent and LED 
Transparent LCD Ballons
Transparent LCD Ballons

The choice of balloons that are suitable for birthday parties also falls on transparent balloons. The shape is more like a sphere. Because it is transparent, balloons can be recreated with various decorations. As for the LED balloon, it is a form of transparent balloon creation that is added with a small light. 

Whatever the shape of the balloon you choose, balloons will always be the right choice to give a celebration to a birthday party. It will beautify the decorations and give a joyful to your guests. 

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