12 Gorgeous Ways to Decorate Your Wedding with Baby’s Breath Flower

Baby's Breath
Baby’s Breath

The delicate baby’s breath flower with the scientific name gypsophila was surprisingly considered a filler flower. You know, something to attach among a bouquet of common flowers to make it look grander. But when used as the leading ornament of wedding decoration, the baby’s breath flower is magnificently a showstopper. The arrangements appear effortlessly chic and elegant, everything that is on the radar right now.

Baby’s breath flower as wedding decoration is guaranteed to steal attention by its beautiful cloud-like appearance that gives a pure, soft, and romantic feeling. It effortlessly makes this dazzling tiny flower the essential wedding decoration everyone inevitably loves.

Other good things about this flower are that it is more affordable than other familiar wedding flowers like roses and peonies, long-lasting, and transformable into any colors—from pastel to vivid ones. There are many beautiful and creative ideas to include baby’s breath into your wedding decor that we have covered here.

1. Colored aisle line

To add natural charm to your wedding venue, try adding spray-painted baby’s breath flower to the aisle line. The breathtaking beauty of this flower will only enhance the venue attraction. Incorporate baby’s breath flower in the ceremony by creating small bouquets attached to the sides of the chairs following the aisle. You can use this flower garland to mark the last row of chairs at the venue.

2. Romantic palatial wedding arch 

Wedding Arch
Wedding Arch

What could be more romantic than exchanging vows filled with ethereal beauty in the background from the soft baby’s breath flowers? This view will give that dreamy vibes like when you are in the heavenly clouds.

3. Ethereal hanging arrangements

There are many hanging arrangements you can create from baby’s breath flowers. First, you can make DIY kissing balls hang around in the reception and ceremony. They are pretty easy to make. Use foam balls, decorate them with bunches of blooms, and tighten them with a dainty ribbon for hanging. Second, enhance the reception area with hanging glass jars loaded with white baby’s breath and hang them with thread or ribbon from above. This one is suitable for a more rustic wedding theme.

Third, craft beautiful baby’s breath wreaths for aisle and reception decor. A large wreath looks magnificent to hang at an entry to attract attention, while the small wreaths are a charming pair for chair decoration. Finally, you can hang around a floating installation of the blooms over a big dining table. Play with the color because one of this flower’s best qualities is the ability to hold various colors.

4. Bold centerpiece

Floral Centerpiece
Floral Centerpiece

Adding an elegant statement to your wedding dining table is effortlessly done with a baby’s breath centerpiece. Fill a glass globe with the pretty baby’s breath. Another alternative for the flower container is an antique wooden box to show more personality. Complete the arrangement with a glass of pink rose for each table.

5. Exquisite table runner

Dining Table
Dining Table

Decorate line-long feast tables with beautiful runners of baby’s breath flowers for an elegant touch and elevated dinner look. Accessorize the dining table with tall candles and crystal glasses that add a classy appearance. A baby’s breath garland can also be applied as a table runner or stick at the end of a dining table. You can incorporate other cherished flowers or plants into the arrangement, such as roses for a spring wedding or eucalyptus for a warm fall party.

6. Floral wedding cake

Get your baker to include the baby’s breath flower on the cake decoration. Baby’s breath can enhance the beauty of your wedding cake without being overbearing. It is a simple yet sophisticated addition to your cake tiers. Use baby’s breath to decorate the cake tiers with a garland throughout the bottom. Baby’s breath and macarons are also a brilliant decor idea for your special cake. The soft pastel colors will warm your heart because it is too cute, dreamy, and yummy.

7. Elegant drink glasses and garnishes

To give a more romantic vibe for the cocktail hour, try to decorate your drink glasses using baby’s breath flower. Tie the blooms to the sleek stemware and you will have the perfect elegant ornament for your cocktail. Besides the exterior, you can also incorporate baby’s breath sprigs as the drink garnish for a brilliant twist.

8. Divine floral installation

The entire wedding decoration might revolve around the gorgeous baby’s breath. But you can also mix the blooms with other flowers to create texture. Combine a baby’s breath flower installation with other attractive patterns too, starting from the backdrop to the ceiling.

9. Artsy custom signs

If you are not into crafting artwork by yourself but want to add this piece to your wedding decoration, you can ask your florist to arrange the baby’s breath flower into a sign or symbol of your choice to hang around the wedding venue. An example of this artsy custom sign is the escort display and mirror. The delicate baby’s breath is an ideal upgrade to any piece of wedding decoration.

10. Classic chic bouquets

Now, this is something you definitely cannot miss. The subtleness of the baby’s breath flower bouquet will enhance your whole look into a princess persona—elegant, beautiful, charming, feminine, dreamy, and unforgettable. Be playful and daring by coloring the flowers to enliven your wedding day. But it is a classy way to stay with the natural white color. Decorate the entire wedding elements with baby’s breath, starting from matching the bridesmaid bouquet as well. Another good thing about this flower bouquet, it is pretty simple to arrange.

11. Floral hair accessories 

Many women love sprigs of baby’s breath arranged throughout a braid. But this flower can work with any hairstyle as an accessory. While you can also decorate your veil with beautiful blooms, it will be an eye-catching look when you glorify the baby’s breath hair arrangement all day long.

12. Fanciful crown

Floral Crown
Floral Crown

While you can spread the beauty of baby’s breath flower all over your hair by making it an artsy arrangement, making this flower a statement hairpiece like a fanciful floral crown will add a feminine touch and dreamy look to your presentation. Moreover, the floral crown matches well with almost any kind of hairstyle, from a classic updo to craftsy braids.


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