7 Amazing Chinese Food You Must Try in 2021

Chinese Food
Chinese Food

China has one of the most popular cooking heritage in worldwide. The background of their food days back to about 1000 years with varied food preparation designs, methods and ingredients that have evolved in time. In This article there are 7 awesome chinese food that you must try!

Chinese Food in 2021

Chinese Food in 2021
Chinese Food in 2021

1. Fuyunghai

Fuyunghai is arguably more recognizable than other Chinese foods. Fuyunghai has been purchased and consumed by persons who are not of Chinese origin.Fuyunghai is a Chinese omelette with sweet and sour sauce. Fuyunghai is typically served with peas and pineapple or carrot chunks. The fuyunghai has a little different shape than a traditional omelette. Fuyunghai is thicker and fluffier because it contains more vegetables and protein.

Fuyunghai recipe is frequently updated by scattering bits of chicken, crab, shrimp, and pork on top. The added stuffing significantly enhances the flavour of this Chinese food. 

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Those of you who wish to try your hand at cooking fuyunghai may be perplexed about how to blend fuyunghai to make it thick and fluffy. It is sufficient to use wheat flour as the major key.

Yes, we need to add wheat flour to the dough to make fuyunghai thick. The dose does not need to be too much; 1 tablespoon for 5 chicken eggs is sufficient.

The use of wheat flour will undoubtedly cause the dough to cling together more tightly. As a result, later fuyunghai can also be thicker.

2. Dumplings

Dumpling | Chinese Food
Dumpling | Chinese Food

Dumplings are a sort of dim sum that has a lot of fans in the Chinese food category. This meal is typically served when dining at a dim sum restaurant. Dim sum is a Cantonese word that means “snack.” Varian of dumplings, there are bakpao and dim sum chicken feet.

Dumplings are often constructed of minced meat and veggies wrapped in a layer of flour dough skin. There are numerous dumplings, such as Jiaozi, which contains minced meat and veggies and is often cooked by boiling and thick skin. Potstickers are pan-fried dumplings cooked in a flat frying pan with water and boil until the water drains out and the bottom of the dumplings gets brown.

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Shrimp Dumpling, also known as Har Gau, is a dumpling filled with shrimp and bamboo shoots. Har Gau is distinguished by its smooth and shiny exterior, which is practically transparent. The most well-known is Siu Mai, often known as siomay. Its distinguishing feature is fashioned like a little basket, usually constructed of chicken, fish, or shrimp.

Dumplings have traditionally been associated with Chinese New Year’s Eve celebrations for Chinese people. This Chinese food is a must-try for you who enjoy trying new foods from throughout the world.

3. Chow mein

Chow mein is the next Chinese food worth trying. This dish is basically in the form of fried noodles. The term chow mein is derived from Chinese-English. However, tracing its origins back to history, chow mein is a Taishan word, chau-meing. Mie goreng chow mein is typically cooked with a beef filling. Other meats commonly used include chicken, pork, or seafood such as shrimp, squid, and different kinds of fish. 

There are two methods for preparing chow mein: some are cooked wet (with gravy), and some are fried dry. Of course, the choice is dependent on the preferences of each individual who want to sample the delicacy of chow mein.

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The wet chow mein’s texture undoubtedly imparts a milder flavour. While the surface of the dry chow mein is not as soft as the wet version, the taste is incredibly flavorful.

4. Mapo Tofu

Dish Chinese Food
Dish Chinese Food

Mapo Tofu is a kind of Chinese food that originated in the Sichuan province. Mapo tofu recipes are typically cooked with tofu coated in a spicy sauce. It’s no surprise that the mapo tofu outlook generally is a vibrant red.

Douban seasoning, a common Chinese cooking spice, is used to give mapo tofu its fiery flavour. In addition to tofu and douban, processing mapo tofu is frequently combined with sliced meat. Beef is the most commonly utilized sort of meat.

Looking at the culture of the Chinese Sichuan people, they have always tried to maintain the original recipe for mapo tofu. They don’t want to do a lot of innovation to maintain the authenticity of the taste. No wonder that some foreign tourists who taste mapo tofu directly in Sichuan will not suit their taste buds.

Interestingly, Sichuan chefs have seven specific principles for cooking mapo tofu. The particular principle is to present a deadly taste, very spicy, hot temperature, fresh, giving rise to a soft and tender texture, fragrant aroma that arouses the appetite and uses thick tofu.

5. Yangzhou Fried Rice

Many countries have a special food in the form of fried rice. But Chinese food-style fried rice is really different and guaranteed to be very tasty, even highly nutritious. Yangzhou fried rice. If you visit any Chinese restaurant, surely these fried rice dishes will be available. The popularity of Yangzhou fried rice has spread to western nations. For the people of the United States, Yangzhou fried rice is usually made for a special household dish.

What is the hallmark of the Yangzhou fried rice dish? The mix of spices and ingredients used to cook Yangzhou fried rice is very rich in protein. Naturally, Yangzhou fried rice ingredients must use shrimp, pork, or chicken, famous for meat with high protein content.

6. La Ji Zi

La ji zi is a highly popular dish in China. La ji zi translates to “dry spicy chicken.” La ji zi is made out of diced chicken pieces cooked till dry with spices such as Sichuan chile, dried chilli, garlic, scallions, soy sauce, salt, sugar, and other spices. The tongue that eats these Chinese delicacies will be spoiled by the taste of the soft meat, highly savoury, sweet, salty, and spicy spices.

If based on history, the origin of La ji zi is Chinese food from the Chongqing area. For those of you who like a variety of Chinese food, of course, it is very worth trying the delicious taste of La Ji Zi.

7. Hainan Jifan

Hainan Jifan, often known as Hainanese rice, is a classic Chinese dish popular with people from various countries. For those of you who don’t understand what Hainanese rice is, let me explain.  Hainanese rice is rice that has been cooked with spices and chicken stock before being served with side dishes such as chicken, gravy, and soy sauce. This food is quite good, and you must taste it!!! 

You don’t have to question the flavour; this Hainanese rice has a savoury flavour that will be enhanced if you eat it with chicken and a unique Hainanese rice sauce, guys.

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