There are various things people could do to make beautiful memories on Valentine’s Day and...

There are various things people could do to make beautiful memories on Valentine’s Day and...

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Activities To Do on Valentine’s Day in Your Workplace
Activities To Do on Valentine’s Day in Your Workplace

There are various things people could do to make beautiful memories on Valentine’s Day and celebrate love. Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your work colleagues might not be something you imagined, but it is very worth considering. You can express gratitude, appreciation, and care to your colleagues on Valentine’s Day. If you’re intrigued to celebrate the love celebration day in your workplace, you might want to follow these ideas. Because, besides allowing you and your colleagues to have fun, it could also strengthen the bond between coworkers, which could lead to more cohesive teamwork. Very beneficial, correct? So, here are Activities To Do on Valentine’s Day in Your Workplace

Celebrate Valentine's Day At Work
Celebrate Valentine’s Day At Work (Photo:

How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day At Work?

1. Decorate the Office

Add a touch of Valentine’s Day spirit with tasteful decorations. Think red and pink balloons, heart-shaped decorations, and flowers to brighten up the workspace.

2. Organize a Secret Valentine

Similar to Secret Santa, organize a gift exchange where colleagues can anonymously gift each other small presents or thoughtful notes, making sure to set a modest budget to keep it accessible for everyone.

3. Host a Valentine’s Day Lunch or Breakfast

Arrange a special Valentine’s Day-themed lunch or breakfast for the team. Encourage potluck contributions to get everyone involved and enjoy a variety of dishes together.

4. Valentine’s Day Themed Games

Plan a few short, fun games or activities that can be enjoyed during breaks. Ideas include Valentine’s Day trivia, a scavenger hunt for small themed treats hidden around the office, or a best-decorated workspace competition.

5. Spread the Love

Encourage team members to write appreciation notes to each other, highlighting what they value about their colleagues. This can be a great way to boost morale and strengthen team bonds.

6. Dress Code

Invite employees to wear red, pink, or Valentine’s-themed attire to add an extra festive touch to the day without impacting productivity.

7. Support a Cause

Use the day as an opportunity to spread love beyond the office by organizing a charity drive or volunteer activity that supports a local cause or community organization.


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6 Activities To Do on Valentine’s Day in Your Workplace

1. Have fun With Decorations

It is always fun to put on decorations that match the special occasion. You can discuss matching decorations with your colleagues, or you can also let your colleagues decorate yours. Changing the atmosphere of your workplace, even though only temporary, could increase your and your coworkers’ working spirit on Valentine’s Day. Isn’t it fun to work while surrounded by ribbon and flower decorations?

In fact, flowers have very positive effects on people’s moods and the ability to stay in focus. Some flowers also have a very refreshing fragrance, which definitely would light up the mood for the weekdays. Gerbera would be the perfect cut flowers to sit beautifully on top of your desk.

Gerbera for your desk
Gerbera for your desk

2. Gift-giving

Gift from FlowerAdvisor
Gift from FlowerAdvisor

Everyone loves gifts and it is also very appropriate to show appreciation through gifts on Valentine’s Day. Talking about presents, they don’t have to be fancy, since it is the thoughts that count. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, giving chocolate bars would be lovely. You could add personal touches by attaching an appreciation card for them. You could also decorate it, remember, have fun with decoration. You could tie a ribbon to the chocolate to make it prettier. 

If a chocolate bar is too basic for your standard, then you can give them functional gifts, like bookmarks, a picture frame, a pouch, a mug, and many more. It is even better if the gifts not only suit their preferences but also reflect you. So, every time they have a present from you around them, they’re reminded of you. Isn’t it cool?

3. Make a Bulletin Appreciation Board

Bulletin Appreciation Board
Bulletin Appreciation Board

If showing appreciation through a gift is not your style then you should try this one. Although appreciation words are more direct than gifts and could be more awkward sometimes if you don’t choose your words wisely, you have nothing to worry about. If you can stay honest and respectful with your appreciation words, your coworkers would be delighted as they read them.

You can write those words on top of colorful paper to make it appealing to the eye. You can decorate it with tapes, stickers, dried flowers, and many more. Do you remember those scented papers that were popular a few years ago? You can use that too to add some nostalgic elements. 

4. Host a Fun Event

You can host a fun event by inviting your colleagues to enjoy the rest of the day together. You can go to a pub, a wine bar, or throw a small barbeque party in your yard to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Usually, coworkers tend to release their boundaries in these types of events because they are no longer in their working area. Therefore, the bond between one and another would be stronger. 

If you prefer to do gatherings in a cafe or host an afternoon tea party, it wouldn’t be a problem either. That’s because the most important thing is to enjoy this once-in-a-year romantic day. If you have another plan for the rest of the day, yet still want to have some fun with your coworkers, you can simply treat them during the breakfast hours. With bread, coffee, and tea, you can still have a little bonding moment with them on Valentine’s Day.

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5. Play Games 

Play Games in Workplace
Play Games in Workplace

Games are always fun, especially those that come with prizes. You can play Jenga, bingo, card games, board games, or any games you usually play together with your coworkers. To make it special from the usual gathering time, you could prepare a prize for the winner. Such as a Valentine-themed mug or shirt.

You can also play mafia games and other role-playing games, where your intuitive and reasoning skills are sharpened. Fun fact, role-playing helps people who often take a step back from interaction due to awkwardness. Or, if you prefer something more simple in practice, a classic “two truths and one lie” would also be a good idea to let you and your coworker be more open to each other on Valentine’s Day.

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6. Charity Works and Donation

Spread love to others on Valentine’s Day through charity works and donations. Rather than doing it on your own, it would be better to grab other hands to join you, your colleagues, for example. Isn’t it fun to help others while also showing gratitude for what you have achieved? The answer is, of course, it is!

If some of them already have plans for the day, charity work might be hard to do. Don’t worry, you can still do the latter one, which is to donate. There are many online platforms that help you through the whole process. Sharing is also a form of love, isn’t it?


Reason Why You Should Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Your Workplace

Why we Should Celebrate Valentine in Workplace
Why we Should Celebrate Valentine in Workplace (Photo: Surf Office)

So, are you ready to try out those ideas? If you’re not convinced, here is a little summary of the reasons why you should consider celebrating Valentine’s Day with your workmates!

1. Strengthen Teamwork

Celebrating Valentine’s Day together and participating in group tasks can boost team morale, create a sense of community, and create a positive working environment.

2. Lift the Mood

Comforting words and gifts never fail to paint a smile on someone’s face. Besides, games and gatherings always bring laughter to the room, agree?

3. Encourage Employee Appreciation

When someone goes out of their way to let them know they’re appreciated, they feel rewarded and motivated.

4. Increase Positivity in The Office

Simplistic team activities during Valentine’s Day like decorating desks and playing games can reduce stress. Moreover, it motivates everyone to be creative.


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