Showing love through words and action on the 14th of February has been annually done...

Showing love through words and action on the 14th of February has been annually done...

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Valentines Gift for New Mom
Valentines Gift for New Mom

Showing love through words and action on the 14th of February has been annually done since the 17th century. Greeting cards, cookies, gifts, chocolates, and flowers take part in making Valentine’s Day special. It is always delightful to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your lover.

Happy Valentine Day Mom!

Expressing Happy Valentine’s Day wishes to your Mom can be a heartwarming gesture, celebrating the special bond you share. A thoughtful message might include sentiments like,

‘Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom! Your love and support are the foundation of my happiness. Thank you for being my constant source of comfort and inspiration.’

Alternatively, you could say, ‘Mom, on this Valentine’s Day, I want to express my gratitude and love for all the sacrifices and endless love you’ve given me. Your care has shaped my world with warmth and affection.’

Each message conveys deep appreciation and acknowledges the nurturing and loving role of a mother, making her feel cherished and valued on this day of love.

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List Valentines Gift for New Mom

Showing affection and appreciation to our lover is indeed necessary. Different from lovers in their dating phase, married couples usually treat Valentine’s Day as another day to celebrate their marriage besides their anniversary. Some also use this romantic day to show love and care to new mothers. Here is a list of Valentines Gift for New Mom, whether it’s your partner, your friend, or your colleague.

1. Staycation Package

Staycation Valentines Gift for New Mom
Staycation Valentines Gift for New Mom

New mothers spend most of their time dedicating themselves to their families. Therefore, giving them a vacation would be a very delightful gift.

However, unfortunately going overseas is either still prohibited or strictly observed under the government’s rule in many countries. But don’t worry, a staycation is probably a suitable alternative.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term staycation, it comes from the word “stay” and “vacation” which means a way to spend your holiday close to your home.

One of the many benefits of choosing to give new mothers a staycation package is that it allows them to release their stress in a new environment that still feels as cozy as home. They can give themselves a comfortable long hour rest.

There are many staycation package that also comes with a spa & massage service. It may cost higher but the price is most likely worth the experience.

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2. Make Them Their Comfort Food

Everyone has their own comfort food that might be different from one to another. It could be cookies and hot chocolate, apple pie, chicken soup, beef stew, and many more, you name it. Making their comfort food on Valentine’s Day is also a way to show gratitude and appreciation to new mothers.

Of course, you can just buy it from nearby restaurants, but what makes comfort foods extraordinary is the handmade aspect that adds extra warmth to them. You can follow various instructions online, do not be afraid to make errors.

It is your sincerity, effort, and thought that counts, even though it will be even better if the food tastes good. Anyway, you definitely should consider this Valentine’s Day gift idea for new mothers.

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3. A Basket of Self-Pampering Products

Basket of Self-Pampering Products
Basket of Self-Pampering Products (Photos by

With the rise of skincare and body care enthusiasts for the past few years, everyone is already familiar with the term self-pampering. It means taking our time paying attention to ourselves and relaxing our minds.

To new mothers, self-pampering is such a sweet and short escape from daily routines. Therefore, a parcel of self-pampering products would be a lovely gift for new mothers. Organic face masks, Sheet masks, body scrub, bath bombs, body lotion, bathing salt, and essential oils are usually included in the self-pampering parcel.

You can put those products in a basket or a box. If you can hand it to them in person, a basket would be a lovely choice. However, if you use a delivery service or expedition service, a box would be a better option since it provides better protection to the items.

Feel free to add some personal touches like decorations and greeting cards. Send your best words of love and appreciation to the new mother on Valentine’s Day.

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4. Snacks and Drinks

Another Valentine’s Day gift idea for new mothers on this list is snacks and drinks. Snacks and drinks are perfect to accompany someone to enjoy their day.

After a tiring day and exhausting routines, most people would feel delighted after they consumed their favorite snacks. And do not forget about the drinks. You could add nutritious and refreshing vitamin drinks and bottled juice, you also could add instant coffee, milk, and tea, just make sure to pick what your giftee loves the most. 

Apparently, the 14th of February this year falls on Monday. We all know how dreary Mondays could be. It is hard to face the beginning of the week that could be both consistent and unexpected.

Therefore, it is guaranteed that your gift of delicious snacks and drinks would lighten up their mood and erase their gloom on Valentine’s Day.

5. Matching Pajamas with Their Newborn Baby

Matching pajamas is another ideal gift for a new mother. Since new mothers are most likely to stay at home, they would prefer to use comfortable clothes like pajamas as their daily outfit. That’s why matching pajamas would be not only cute but also a very functional gift.

Since we’re talking about Valentine’s Day, it would be a good idea to choose pajamas with colors that are associated with this romantic day. Such as red, pink, magenta, or white. You can also add pair of socks to complete the pajama set.

6. Bouquets and Chocolate

Bouquets and Chocolate
Bouquets and Chocolate

Last but not least on this list are bouquets and chocolate. Because Valentine’s Day is attached to flowers and chocolates, you can also give new mothers the classic Valentine gift. Usually, a bouquet comes with a customizable greeting card.

You can ask the florist to write your lovely words on those beautiful cards or you can write one on your own. If you decide to use an online florists’ service instead, you can always write down your messages on the note of your order, quite simple right?

A bouquet of pink carnations is might be a perfect option for a new mother, take a look at the best seller “Because You Are” bouquet right here. If you’re considering giving the new mother flowers but not in form of a bouquet, then you should consider this “Joyful Giving” arrangement.

It consists of gerbera cut flowers that come with a beautiful vase. A very lovely gift to brighten up the house. You can also add extra items to your beautiful flowers, such as teddy bears that are available in various sizes and wine for the elegant touch.

That’s all about this list of ideas for valentine’s day gifts for new mothers. How are you feeling now? Have you decided what to give to the new mothers on Valentine’s Day? Don’t miss the opportunity to give them your love and appreciation on a day as lovely as Valentine’s Day!


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