The celebration day of love is about to come! On Valentine’s Day, lovers usually show...

The celebration day of love is about to come! On Valentine’s Day, lovers usually show...

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Valentine Day Tips For Guys
Valentine Day Tips For Guys

The celebration day of love is about to come! On Valentine’s Day, lovers usually show their other halves how much they treasure each other. Sounds romantic, but it doesn’t mean that something couldn’t go wrong. If you still have no clue about what to do to make your Valentine’s Day memorable, take a look at these 6 Valentine Day Tips for Guys!

How to be memorable to a guy?

Being memorable to a guy involves a blend of authenticity, shared experiences, and emotional connection. Firstly, showcase your genuine self; authenticity resonates deeply and creates lasting impressions. Engage in meaningful conversations that delve beyond surface-level topics, fostering a deeper understanding and connection.

Secondly, create unique and enjoyable shared experiences, whether it’s adventurous outings or simple, heartfelt moments. These experiences become memorable stories that bond you together. Lastly, nurture an emotional connection by being empathetic, supportive, and showing genuine interest in his passions and challenges.

Remember, the key to being memorable is to make meaningful connections that go beyond the ordinary, reflecting your unique personality and care.”

1. Learn About Their Love Language

Love language is an idea about the various ways people express and receive love. There are five languages in total, words of affirmation, physical touches, quality time, the act of service, and gifts. The importance of understanding your love language and your partner’s love language take part in improving the bond in your relationship.

Valentine’s day is about celebrating your relationship and appreciating your partner. Therefore, it is better to do it with knowledge about their love languages are. To make it feel personal and not forced, you also should express it in a way that suits your love languages.

2. Be Confident

You need a sack of bravery and confidence to express your feelings. Don’t let the lack of confidence stop you from having a memorable Valentine’s Day. The lack of courage could cause doubt for your partner. Just imagine what could happen if you fail to reflect your feelings due to a lack of confidence. They don’t feel as appreciated, the special day becomes less memorable, and the worst is they could question your sincerity. 

To release yourself from nervousness and be more comfortable around your partner, try to increase the interaction between the two of you a week or two weeks before Valentine’s Day. You can have more conversations. Starting with a light topic would be perfect to set the mood before going to a deeper one. You can also grab coffee together to grow more chemistry between you.

3. Think of A Concept

Think of Valentine Day Concept
Think of Valentine Day Concept

Think of a concept that would suit both of you best because doing something unnatural would feel tacky and kitsch. If you prefer to show them your efforts and sincerity, you can plan everything from the start to the end of the day. For example, you can arrange for a luxurious dinner date. You can notify them about your plan, send them an invitation with time and date, reserve a restaurant’s table, and many more. 

If you choose to look effortless and cool, you can just ask them to go a day before, take them to their favorite place, or a place in town you want to visit together. Either way, choose the concept that would suit you and your partner, and that day would be a happy memory for both of you. 

4. Prepare a Gift

Gift from FlowerAdvisor
Gift from FlowerAdvisor

Valentine’s day is incomplete without a gift. Rather than price, many would agree that thoughts are the only thing that counts. Your thoughts and intention are well-reflected in your presents. Don’t just give something fancy and call it a day, you need to make sure the gift fits your partner’s preference. 

Whether it’s a classic gift like perfume, necklace, ring, chocolate box, or it’s a gift based on her hobbies, make sure to choose it well. For example, if you decide to give her jewelry, you should know what type of design they like.

If you give someone who prefers simple and small jewelry something a bit excessive for their taste, they would feel less happy about it. Whether about the fact that you didn’t know their preference as they thought or the tacky gift, this is a situation you should avoid. 

You can learn about their preference by directly asking or observing them if you want the gift to be a surprise. Either way, it is crucial to know about their taste to avoid disappointment for both of you.

This one is optional, but, according to some people, it would be more satisfying if the gift is a “step-up” from last year’s. Have fun choosing the gift, boys!

5. Carry A Bouquet


FlowerAdvisor Bouquet
FlowerAdvisor Bouquet

The romantic Valentine’s Day is not complete without the presence of flowers. Some people might think a bouquet is the main present for this once-in-a-year romantic event. However, you can prepare the main gift and still carry a bouquet to make it more romantic and memorable for both of you.

Make sure to choose the right flower to express your feelings. What type of flower, what kind of colors, event scent, each aspect just as important as the others. If you have little to no knowledge about flowers, here are some classic suggestions for you:

1. Roses

The classic choice for Valentine’s Day, roses, are classic for a reason. The beauty of this bloom is mesmerizing, and the symbolic meaning of this bloom would touch many hearts. 

Red roses: The representative of love and romance, highly ideal for Valentine’s Day.

Pink roses: The symbol of admiration, joy, grace, and appreciation.

White roses: The symbol of innocence, sophistication, and purity.

You can get a bouquet of red roses like “Love Me Like That,” a bouquet of white roses like “Calling It Love,” or you can also get a bouquet of mixed roses like “Playful Romance.” 

2. Tulips

Tulips have been used for decades to symbolize deep love and to ring joy into someone else’s day, especially on Valentine’s Day.

Pink tulips: The symbol of confidence, happiness, and delightful feelings.

Felicity” is a recommendation for you, this bouquet consists of 10 tulips and baby’s breath that will charm your partner.

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6. Relax and Enjoy Your Valentine’s Day Date

Tips for Valentine Day
Tips for Valentine Day

If this is the first Valentine’s Day you celebrate together as a lover, no wonder you might feel nervous. However, you should never let your nervousness takes over your wonderful day. Just talk from heart to heart, be casual, and enjoy the moment. You don’t want to go home and instead of a romantic date, all the memory left in your head is you being nervous. 

Instead of focusing on your worries, you should be more attentive to your partner. Look at them and set your focus on them. And in a short time, you will get carried along in the conversation.


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