5 Unique Christmas Baskets For 2017

Christmas Baskets
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What is the simplest way to collect and wrap up so many gifts in one? A basket is definitely the answer. Along with the right-sized ribbons and plastic (or paper) wrappers on top, your gifts are safely decorated and well-kept. That is why many people also prefer Christmas baskets for every December.

However, they should not be just any ordinary-looking Christmas baskets. To make them more special for the recipients, you have to be more creative every year. Not only your gifts will be more impressive to them, but also your thoughts really count. If it is something generic and the same every year, they may still accept it gratefully – but not with the same excitement as the first time.

5 Unique Christmas baskets that you may consider for this year of 2017:

In a hurry for a Christmas shopping? Afraid that what you want might run out? No worries. These days, you can order online and there are plenty you can find. Some of these unique Christmas baskets might be suitable to your preferences or favourite styles. If not for you, probably for those you want to send them to.

  1. Let it snow, let it snow

Many people prefer the usual rattan baskets for Christmas gifts. This wooden box decorated in festive white and green will probably give you a different, fresher idea for what Christmas baskets should be like this year. Fill it with wine, chocolate, and other snacks that are perfect for a night of fine dining with wine on Christmas.

Christmas Baskets - Christmas Swiss Treats
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  1. Christmas Express


Your young children, nephews, and nieces will probably love this Christmas Express basket. With the shape of an express train, there can be many gifts in each “boxcar” (alias mini baskets).

Whether they are chocolate, candy, toffee, caramel, and many more. You just name them, but make sure your little darlings do not end up with a toothache on holiday.

  1. The Ghirardelli Christmas Tower

This is more than just one of the unique Christmas baskets. This can also be your Christmas dinner decoration in the living room as you have people over. What can you put in this tower? Variations of chocolate and cookies, of course. After Christmas dinner, you and your guests can start munching these for desserts.

  1. Christmas Sweets Basket

At first, this basket looks almost like any other ordinary bucket. What makes it different and cool is the decoration. It is so colourful and festive, with a combination of red, white, green, and light brown.

Christmas Gifts chocolate
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What is inside this bucket? Of course, popular treats like Rocky Mountain Cocolate Factory and many more. Feel like celebrating this Christmas with your besties? Bring this over.

  1. The multi-functional basket for coffee, tea, and cocoa

Like the sweets basket previously mentioned, this is also one of the unique Christmas baskets that can you can use again. Put coffee, tea, and cocoa in it before you give this pouch-like basket to your family or your besties. After all the gifts in it are taken out, make this festive-looking basket with laces a cute pouch.

It turns out that Christmas baskets are not always…well, baskets. These five are the examples.




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