5 Reasons Why You Must Watch Money Heist

Money Heist Series Netflix
Money Heist Series Netflix

One of the films that must be included in your watching wishlist is Money Heist. In general, the synopsis of Money Heist tells the story of a massive robbery in Spain carried out by a group of people. Money Heist has now released 4 seasons and always gets a positive response from moviegoers.

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The film, which received a rating of 8.3/10 according to IMDB, was first released through the Netflix streaming platform on May 2, 2017. Money Heist Season 5 has reportedly finished filming and will be released on September 3, 2021.

Money Heist Season 1

Synopsis of the film Money Heist season 1 tells about the introduction of existing characters. Uniquely, the name of each character is taken based on the names of cities around the world such as Berlin, Tokyo, Nairobi, Rio, Denver, Moscow, Helsinki, and Oslo. Among the eight figures, there is 1 figure who always initiates every action they carry out, the genius figure is Professor. The Royal Mint of Spain, the money-making authority in Spain, became their target for carrying out their actions. In the first season, you will be entertained with interesting tactics between the professor and the police. The genius of the professor was proven by the way he executed the robbery. He always uses unnatural methods in every action.

Money Heist Season 2

The second season opens with the death of Oslo and the internal conflicts that occur. One of the conflicts that occurred was the occurrence of loving between the robbers and the hostages which made the robbery action not go according to plan. It didn’t stop there, things got even more chaotic when Berlin acted rashly and handed Tokyo over to the police, fortunately, the professor was still able to save him. Money Heist Season 2 closes with a condition where Oslo, Berlin, and Moscow sacrifice themselves so that their friends can save themselves from the police.

Money Heist Season 3

The action continues 2 years after the robbery of The Royal Mint of Spain, one of the things the professor always reminds him of when carrying out the action is to always stick to the plan. But what happened in the field was the love of the location which actually brought disaster. Rio was arrested by the Spanish government for a phone call he made to Tokyo. This is the main trigger for the group of professors to gather to carry out the next action.

This time it was the Bank of Spain’s turn to be the next target, this season there is a new conflict raised by the director, namely the conflict of love. Nairobi and Palermo really played well in their roles. In addition, the dispute between Tokyo, Rio, Lisbon, and the Professor has also become an internal conflict that occurred this season.

Money Heist Season 4

This fourth season leaves an unfinished conflict from the previous season, added to the emergence of a dualism of leadership between Tokyo and Palermo regarding the fate of Nairobi. The escape of one of the hostages, the news of Lisbon’s death, and an increasingly complicated love drama are still the main plot of the film Money Heist.

Apart from the fact that each season of this series is interesting, there are various things from this series that are a pity if you don’t watch it.

Money Heist Characters

Money Heist Characters
Money Heist Characters

Another thing that makes the Money Heist series so iconic is the characters. The band of robbers used pseudonyms taken from the names of cities, such as Tokyo, Rio, Denver, Berlin, and Nairobi. In addition, each member is recruited by the Professor for different reasons.

This also creates a variety of character background stories that are no less interesting to follow. Not only gangs of robbers, but the people around them also have characters that steal attention, including the hostages and the police. Get ready to be immersed in the amazing acting of the cast!

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Storyline Full of Plot Twist

Storyline of Money Heist
Storyline of Money Heist

Money Heist tells the story of a planned robbery carried out at the Royal Mint of Spain or the ‘Spanish Money Printing Agency’. This robbery involved 8 robbers, with 1 chief robber called Professor (Alvaro Morte). As the mastermind of the big robbery, the Professor can be said to be a very genius. He planned every detail that his eight recruits had to do to make the robbery a success. These eight robbers have the names of major cities in the world as their nicknames, namely Tokyo, Berlin, Nairobi, Rio, Denver, Moscow, Helsinki, and Oslo.

Thrilling Storyline

If you’re a fan of shows that let you guess at the plot, Money Heist is the right choice! A robbery story certainly won’t be fun if everything goes according to plan. Money Heist has its own recipe to make the audience flutter. Some many interesting factors and ingredients put the Professor and his friends in a dangerous situation.

The audience is invited to guess how their fate will continue. How will they fool the police? Who will die among them? Will they be caught this time? Questions like these will always run through your mind when you watch Money Heist!

Combination of Action and Drama

Money Heist Drama
Money Heist Drama

Money Heist offers a variety of extraordinary actions. Gunshots, hostage-taking, and explosion after explosion have colored this series since its first part. The audience will also feel the sensation of tension in various situations.

For example, when a gang of robbers threatens the police by using hostages, or when they have to race against time to escape the loot before being besieged in their own ‘nest’. Not only action, but Money Heist also features stories of friendship, romance, and brotherhood that will immerse you in the story.

One of the Series with High Rating

From the four explanations above, it is natural that Money Heist has become a topic of conversation in every season. This series has also won a myriad of awards, including the 2018 International Emmy Awards for the Best Drama Series category. Money Heist also received high ratings on IMDB at 8.3, and 93% on Rotten Tomatoes! There’s still time to catch up before Money Heist Part 5: Volume 1 premieres on September 3. Watch all the fun, only on Netflix!

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