5 Halloween Costumes Ideas

If previously we discussed flower gifts for Halloween here, so how about the Halloween costume idea? Come on, see here.

1. Unicorn

costume halloween 1

During Halloween, there’s no specific rule that you need to look spooky and scary. You can wear cute unicorn-inspired costumes, looking adorable enough for people to give out treats more than tricks.

2. Witch

costume halloween 2

Who says that witches are ugly and scary looking? Break the stereotype! Dress up extravagantly and take the spotlight. Keep your head high and be arrogant as a queen.

3. Harley Quinn

costume halloween 3

This is the most famous inspired look that many girls would use for Halloweens. Just tie up messy curly pigtails with ombré blue and pink on each side. Easy yet sassy.

4. Vampire

costume halloween 4

Most men would prefer dressing up as a vampire. Put on a suit and a cape over their shoulders, then wear a fake fang and prepare some blood pills to scare some people off. Pretty easy to follow, but still you’ll cool and classy.

5. Ghost

costume halloween 5

This costume can be a Casper inspired look, suitable for lazy people but need to attend Halloween parties. Just drape over a thin white cloth, the one big enough to cover up to your knees, then make a pair of holes big enough for your eyes. Easy-peasy!

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