5 Best Birthday Flowers in 2021

Best Birthday Flowers
Best Birthday Flowers

When someone’s birthday, of course, we want to give gifts as a form of greeting and prayer. Birthday gifts also vary, there are clothes, shoes, food, flowers, and other things that the birthday person likes. Who the person is and what our relationship with that person also determines the gifts we give.

Flowers have been considered since ancient times as a medium for conveying romantic messages. Flowers can be a meaningful birthday gift. Each flower has a different meaning, depending on the type and color. Even the number of stalks can change the meaning.

Flowers are suitable for everyone. Flowers can be given to spouses, friends, parents, siblings, family, colleagues, or even new acquaintances.
Interest can also be adjusted to the budget we have. Not all flowers are expensive. We can adjust our flower choices to the budget we have.

Interested in giving birthday flowers to your special someone? These are some recommendations for birthday flowers that you can use as references and inspiration. What are they?

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Roses for gift
Roses for gift

Who doesn’t know roses? The majority of people would know this flower. Roses have a variety of beautiful colors. This flower is even called the queen of flowers. Each color of the rose has a different meaning. Even the number of stalks affects the meaning or message to be conveyed.

Red roses are the most popular type of rose and are used as a symbol of sincere love. Red roses are often used in intimate and romantic events. Whoever is given a red rose will melt and be happy.
Roses are suitable for you to make as birthday flowers for lovers, especially red roses. But you can also give this flower to your parents or friends. Why? Because roses are always suitable as a symbol of your love and sincerity, especially on birthdays.

Another color of roses that is no less popular is white roses. White roses symbolize the purity of feelings of love, sincerity, and purity. Usually, white roses are used as wedding decorations.
Yellow roses have the meaning of joy. But some consider yellow roses a symbol of disloyalty. Pink roses have the meaning of tenderness, gratitude, and gratitude. While cream roses symbolize appreciation and attention.

2.Daisy flower

Daisy flowers have a fairly simple shape. The name daisy comes from the Old English word Does Eag, which means the eye of the day. Like other flowers, daisies also have a variety of colors.
The red daisy has the meaning of secret love, sincerity, simplicity, and beauty. The orange daisy means joy, passion, and warmth. But overall, the daisy flower has the meaning of purity, simplicity, purity, and tenderness.

Daisy beauty is perfect for you to make as a birthday flower. Its beautiful color and deep meaning will make a birthday moment even more precious. Give daisies in a beautiful bouquet.

3.Lily Flower

Lily Flower For Gift
Lily Flower For Gift

Lily comes from the Greek word Lemon. Lily has various types. Lily also has a variety of colors. Each type and color of the lily has a meaning. Lily is a symbol of good luck. In addition, the white lily also symbolizes purity, purity, sympathy, and a new life. Yellow lilies symbolize close friendship. Red and pink lilies symbolize prosperity and abundance of wealth. Although most types of lily symbolize something positive, the orange lily is different. The orange lily actually symbolizes hatred, humiliation, and lies.

Of the various colors of lily, white lily is the most commonly used as a gift or decoration of an event. White lilies give the impression of being elegant, simple, and romantic.
This beautiful flower is certainly suitable for you to make as a birthday flower. You can give this flower to your partner, family, friend, or colleague. The sincerity and purity symbolized by this flower will make the birthday moment more meaningful.

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iris Flower for Gift
iris Flower for Gift

The iris is the national flower of France. This flower has been a symbol of the French state since the 13th century. This flower is one type of flower from the Iridaceae family which consists of 300 species.
In a religious sense, the three petals of the iris symbolize the Trinity. In modern France, people believe that this flower symbolizes hope, loyalty, wisdom, and courage. Iris is also considered a bearer of good omens. Iris is not only a symbol of the royal family but also the protection of the gods.
Louis VII of France was very fond of this flower. He inaugurated the iris as an exclusive royal decoration. He also adorned his robes with irises. Palaces are decorated with irises and are considered a symbol of perfection, light, and life.

Iris is also believed to be related to Ancient Greek mythology. According to Interflora, the iris is a rain-robed goddess who was sent to convey a message between heaven and earth with the rainbow as an intermediary.

The Ancient Greeks planted purple irises on the tombs of women. They believed that they would attract the Goddess Iris to lead their loved ones on their journey to heaven.
Like flowers in general, the iris also has a variety of colors that determine its meaning. The blue iris has the meaning of hope and belief. The yellow iris has the meaning of passion. The white iris has the meaning of purity and innocence.

5.Forget Me Not Flowers

Forget Me Not Flowers
Forget Me Not Flowers

Have you ever heard of a flower with the name forget me not? Forget me not flowers are beautiful garden plants and are often used as a symbol of loyalty.

This flower, scientifically named Myosotis Sylvatica, has a meaning as a flower with a symbol of affection and love. As the name suggests, this flower means to love and also a feeling to never forget.
Forget me not is a bouquet of flowers that Megan Markle brought when she married Prince Harry. In addition to its deep meaning, the flower was picked directly by Prince Harry from Princess Diana’s garden in the courtyard of Kensington Palace especially for the woman he loves, Markle.

Forget me not flowers are not only beautiful but they are also loved by many flower lovers. This flower is quite adaptable and does not require much care. The forget-me-not plant (Myosotis sylvatica) is one of the popular ornamental plants because of its ability to be easy to grow and hardy. The leaves will look always green and the flowers that grow in groups will continue to bloom for quite a long time. This plant will grow well in full sun with good drainage. The flowers bloom with soft colors like blue, pink, and white.

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