Facts : 4 Flower Effects For Your Emotional Health

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Every flowers are different in this world. Each flowers have their own beauty, uniqueness, characteristics and smell. But did you know that flowers actually can give some effects for your emotional health? Here are some interesting facts about it:

  1. Flowers make a connection between people

Flowers also can make a connection between people. How? With the power of internet, we can found everything easily by online, especially for shopping. Same with flowers, you can buy flowers online. Giving flowers are a great way to make intimate connection, such as between colleagues, family, friends, etc. Its also show your affection and that you’re thinking of them. Not only that, flowers can make it way easier to depute our emotions or feelings that are sometimes so hard to say with words.

  1. Flowers can healing

When someone is sick, flowers actually can give a positive impact for them. Research stated that patients take less pain medication and have less anxiety when there are flowers and plants in their hospital room. It was also found that long term hospital patients who start caring for their flowers and plants actually reduced their recovery time.

  1. Flowers can make you have more ideas

Research shows that having some flowers infront of your desk can make you more productive when you are working. An american study found that people had more ideas, innovative thinking , and good problem solving abilities when they were in environment with fresh flowers.

  1. Flowers can make someone happy

Giving a flower to someone can brighten up his/her mood. Seeing a beautiful flower arrangement is enough to melt away the tension and relieve stress. So giving a flower is somehow needed to make someone you love feel happy and less stress.

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