4 Best Samples of Christmas Gift Baskets for This Year of 2017

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

Just like every year and on almost every holiday, having a Christmas gift basket is still a favourite to many. Why not? It is still one of the most effective ways to collect all the things that you would like to give to your loved ones. Not only that, this type of gift is also perfect to send to business associates and even clients.

So, what are the best Christmas gift baskets to give away this year? Whether it is for your family members, your best friends, loyal co-workers, or clients, make sure that you leave your best impressions by picking the right one.

These are only some of the many Christmas gift baskets out there:

So, how do you choose the most suitable Christmas gift baskets? This may be a bit tricky, but this does not mean it is too difficult to do so. Perhaps some of these examples can give you a better clue on what to choose:

  1. The Vintners Path Holiday

What are the main colours to decorate your Christmas gift baskets? Red, green, white, and sometimes brown are the answers. If red and white represent Santa Claus’ outfit, then white is the snow. Green and brown obviously represent the Christmas tree.

christmas gift basket

For this Vintners Path Holiday, let’s just stick to red and green for the basket and the ribbon. With the red basket and the big, red and green ribbon tied to it, your Christmas gift basket has already said it all.

Fill the basket with two bottles of chardonnay and snacks, from chocolate, biscuits, to English toffee. It will make a great gift for your business associates or clients.

  1. The Kiarna Vineyard Cabernet

Here is another way to celebrate either your loved ones or business associates and clients you have worked well with. This Christmas gift basket consists of wine assortment from Kiarna Vineyards. The varieties of assortment also makes this gift basket perfect, from Godiva truffles to crackers.

christmas gift baskets

The gift basket is also still usable after all the gifts are taken out. They can reuse it to store some things after that. For example: to store some household items or towels and washcloth in the bathroom.

  1. The Holiday Sleigh Extravaganza

Would you like a Christmas gift basket that has a more specific Christmasy-theme? Not only the dominant red, you can also have a specially-designed shape of a basket. Here, you can see a sleigh-like basket from The Holiday Sleigh Extravaganza. Not only it is unique, you can store more gifts or presents inside it.

You might want to remind the parents, especially if they still have their little kids when receiving this Christmas gift basket. A lot of chocolate, cookies, candy, crackers, and many more will surely get them interested.

  1. The Happy Holiday Gift

This Christmas gift basket is perfect for those who would like something simple but with a little touch of class. A simple, plaid motif of red, green, and white on the basket will make it look more festive.

A snowflake on one side only makes it even more beautiful. The snacks in it, from chocolate to toffee, caramel corn, peppermint bark, and more? Just absolutely mouth-watering.

So, choose your Christmas gift basket wisely. Make sure your family loves it as much as you do!




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