Popular Spring Flowers
Popular Spring Flowers

Are you ready to welcome spring? You can find many beautiful flowers in the springtime. There are so many beautiful flowers that start to bloom in springtime. This is the list of popular spring flowers that you need to know. After planting at the end of the year and waiting for flowers to grow throughout the winter, gardeners eagerly look forward to the arrival of spring. These beautiful flowers will bloom between March and May. 

Here are some lists of the most popular spring flowers you need to know and how do you grow them.

1. Snowdrop 


This flower is also known as Galanthus. Snowdrops are blooming in early spring. Even though the temperature is still below, this flower can grow and bloom beautifully without freezing. Usually, Snowdrop can be found in the wild and is a protected variety in several countries. If you want to plant snowdrops, you need to do it in September. This plant can thrive in rocky soil or shrubs. 

2. Crocus 

You can find this beautiful light purple flower in mountainous areas. Many people come in spring to see its beauty. Thanks to its intense color Crocus looks different from other varieties. This flower can withstand low temperatures but still needs sunlight to grow. You can plant them in the fall in moist soil.

3. Primrose 

Some types of Primrose are resistant to low temperatures. It can grow and bloom in early March. Primrose generally blooms between April and May. Another name of this flower is Primula. This flower has various colors such as white, yellow, red, pink, blue, and purple. 

4. Tulips 


Tulip blooming well in spring when in the right conditions. Although famous in Europe, the best place for Tulips are in the Netherlands. You can find various types of tulips with beautiful colors there. But if you want to plant it in your yard, you need to put the seeds in dry soil in September. Cut the flowers when they are blooming to replant because the tulips will not bloom again.

5. Daffodil 

Daffodil is a spring flower that is very easy to grow. Daffodils do not require much care. Very good for planting by beginners. Usually, the flowers have yellow and white colors, with a different center color, such as orange and pink. Be careful when cutting daffodil stalks as they release a sap that will hurt other plants.

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6. Peony 

Peony is a very famous spring flower in China. From a distance, you can smell its fragrance. To thrive and be beautiful, you need to plant it in fertile soil with acidic and moist content. Be sure to protect it from strong winds. They will bloom from early May to June.

7. Hyacinth 

Hyacinth contains toxins in the tubers, leaves, and flowers. So it does not need much special care to plant this flower. An important factor in growing this plant is sandy, not moist, and acidic soil. Hyacinth blooms with purple color. But in spring they can be white, pink, yellow, and salmon.

8. Daisy 

This spring flower is famous for growing in meadows. But you can also plant it in the garden. Daisy is very susceptible to low temperatures. Make sure if the temperature decreases, you have to protect the flower to maintain its appearance.

9. Phlox 


This flower consists of several varieties. Any care required to grow well depends on the type you choose. This flower requires loose soil and is rich in humus. They need a sunny and windless place. If there is wind, you need to protect the plant.

10. Bergenia 

A flower that requires intense care and attention. Although it can tolerate cold temperatures, Bergenia is very soil sensitive, so it only grows in moist fertile soil. The flowers are very beautiful with a unique shape. They can change color depending on the season. 

11. Grape hyacinth 

This flower has a different shape from other spring flowers. This is what makes Grape Hyacinth so popular in spring. They can be planted in fertile soil rich in humus, in loamy and sandy soils. An important factor in its growth is sunlight, so it is good if you plant it in an open space.

12. Weigela 

This small trumpet-shaped flower is more commonly known as an ornamental shrub. You will see the flowers bloom beautifully to cheer up spring. When exposed to a lot of suns Weigela will bloom more. In one year this flower blooms twice, in spring and autumn. Some of the sweet colors that this flower has include, white, red, pink, and purple. 

13. Forsythia

Bright yellow flower named Forsythia. When this flower blooms, it signifies that spring has arrived. In the treatment, you need to cut the stalk when it is too long. Do it immediately after flowering. 

14. Sweet Alyssum

This flower has a sweet scent throughout the spring. Sweet Alyssum also comes in many sizes and colors. If you want to plant them, it is necessary to pay attention to the sunlight and water content they need to grow well.

15. Fritillaria

Plant Fritillaria tubers in the fall. They will grow in the spring with a unique bell shape. They will only bloom once every year. 

16. Rhododendron 

The flowers have glossy leaves and bloom in spring. Some of the resulting colors are white, salmon, peach, pink, and purple. They also have several other varieties that can be grown in multiple seasons.

17. Wallflowers

Known as Erysimum cheiri, these flowers will bloom in the spring when planted the previous spring. If you want to bloom faster, it’s best to plant it in the fall.

18. Lenten Rose

These beautiful perennials are known as Hellebores. They will grow in late winter and spring. The flowers are very delicate and appear fragile, but are very tough. Lenten Rose blooms for a long time. 

19. Columbine

A very beautiful and exotic spring flower. The shape is unique, and the leaves are very smooth. Columbine comes in various shapes. It has many colors, such as pink, purple, and red.

20. Pansies

Pansies will bloom every year in rainbow colors. Pansies are very hardy with cold, even with snow. They will fade into the summer. However, some varieties will bloom again in the fall. 

Those are 20 lists of popular spring flowers you need to know. Choose flowers that you like to plant in your yard. 







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