Activities in Sister Day
Activities in Sister Day

You need to be thankful for your sister. Even though she likes to tease or complain about your naughty behavior, you still love her. To make a strong relationship with your sister, you can do a sister day. August is known as National Sister Day. What can you do with your sister on sister day?

How to make a sister feel special

Make Sister Special
Make Sister Special

She is your sister whom you love the most. Although it’s not easy to show your love directly, like saying ‘i love you, here is another way you can show it. Trust your sister will feel very special when you do for her. 

1. Supporting her

As sisters, we need to support our sister’s every condition. When she is happy or sad, you always have to be by her side. Be the first supporter who will always look after, entertain, and be a place to lean on.

2. Forgive her

Sister will also do wrong, harm us, or hurt us. She is not perfect, just like you. Therefore you have to forgive her mistakes. When you forgive her, you show that your sister means a lot to you in every mistake she makes.

3. Helping her

If you know that your sister needs help, don’t hesitate to give your advice. Your sister will feel the sincerity and care you give her. It will make her feel special. Let your sister be able to rely on you.

4. Talk and listen to her

Try to talk and tell her every problem you have. You show that you trust her. Listen to the suggestions she gives, because your sister also wants the best for you.

5. Give her presents 

You also show your love by giving them gifts. Give her the things that she likes or what she needs at the time. Give gifts at the right time, such as her birthday or a special day to him.

6. Spend a lot of time with her

Spend time playing together with your sister. Do what she likes, such as dancing, cycling in the park, drawing, shopping and so on. Whatever the activity, the most important thing is to do it together.

Things you can do on Sister Day 

Things You Can Do on Sister Day
Things You Can Do on Sister Day

There are many activities that you can do with your sister. Designate days with your sister where and when you will spend the day with her. Here are some ideas for what you can do on sister’s day.

1. Watch favorite movie

Every sister always had one favorite movie together. You can watch it again with your sister. Decorate your room or her room like a beautiful little theater. Prepare various snacks such as popcorn, cola, or french fries to accompany while watching.

2. Go shopping 

What other activities are the most fun with sisters besides going shopping? Instead of fighting over clothes, it would be more fun to buy clothes together. Try on lots of clothes together. Usually, the sisters who go shopping together will be much closer than ever.

3. Recreate a childhood photo

With the existence of social media, you can try the trend to recreate a childhood photo on sister’s day. It will be fun and exciting. You can also reminisce all the old photos and see how you and your sister grew and went through a lot together.

4. Take a class together 

There are many classes to improve skills that you can take with your sister. Such as cooking class, painting class, baking class, and so on. You can choose one of them.

5. Explore a new place 

Another activity that you can do is try new places. You can go to some places you and your sister have never been to. Your sister will be the best buddy travel ever because it’s better two than be alone.

6. Cross gifts 

Do some cross gift with your sister. Prepare the best gifts for her and vice versa. Don’t forget to write a letter from your heart to give it a warmer touch. 

Whatever activities you do with your sister on national sister day will be fun. Because it’s not a matter of the activities but with whom you do it.

Best gift ideas for sisters

Here are some gift options that you can give to your sister to show your love and care.

1. Accessories 

Rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches, and hair jewelry can be the best choice to give to your sister. Choose accessories according to the style she likes or her favorite brand. 

2. Makeup and skincare 

Your sister is a woman. She will like it if you give her favorite makeup and skincare. Some makeup that can use as gifts is lipstick, lip gloss, and eye shadow palette. Meanwhile, skincare can provide a set of face sheet masks.

3. Perfume 

There is no better gift than giving perfume. Choose a perfume with a scent that will make your sister feel more confident and attractive. The scent is sweet and not too strong is the right choice.

4. Bag 

Another option that you can give your sister is a bag. There are many bags that you can choose from according to her style. You can buy a backpack if your sister needs it to go to work or buy a sling bag to go hang out. 

5. Shoes 

Starting from heels, flat shoes, or sneakers can be an option as a gift to your sister. Choose shoes according to what she needs and make sure the size is right 

6. Hairdryer

Appearance is a priority for your sister, especially when working. Giving her a hairdryer can be an option to make her look more attractive, especially on her hair to make it look attractive.

7. Diffuser 

One gift that is currently a trend. Give a diffuser as a gift to your sister to make her room more humid and smell good. Choose an oil diffuser so you can determine some good scents. 

8. Couple pajamas 

A unique and cute choice to give to your sister is a couple of pajamas. You both can have the same pajamas. Choose pajamas with the same style but different in color.  

9. Flowers 

Although a simple gift that you can give to your sister is flowers. If you want to give a beautiful flower to your sister, the flower advisor has prepared a wide selection of bouquets.

Those are 20 ideas for sister day activities and gifts that you can do and give to show your love for your sisters. Hopefully, this information is useful and inspiring. 


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