The beauty of flowers can be manipulative. It has a beautiful shape and sweet color, but some are very deadly. The flowers do not look dangerous, but they contain toxic substances that kill humans and animals. Therefore, it is crucial to know these poisonous flowers and plants. We have already identified 18 of the most deadly flowers.

\There are many poisonous flowers that many people know. If some flowers are known for their spreading fragrance and beautiful shape, some flowers can be life-threatening. It is the dark side of a bright flower. On the side, a flower looks delightful turns out to be very dangerous.

Some of the poisonous flowers below contain neurotoxins with a pungent odor. You have to avoid it because they are very dangerous to humans and animals.

18 Most Dangerous Poisonous Flowers

  1. Aconitum

The aconitum flower is often known as the wolfsbane. This flower is in the same family as the buttercup flower, but there is no sweet and fun side of Aconitum. Its roots can make people suffer from heart failure and muscle paralysis. When you find the flower, you have to stay away from it. Behind the poisonous side, this flower has a hat-like shape and bright dark purple color.

  1. Oleander

Nerium Oleander is known as one of the most poisonous flowers in the world. From the root to the tip of the flower are very dangerous. It has several colors, like white, magenta, and dark red. The flower spread an elegant aroma. However, this plant contains toxic substances that can be life-threatening when touching the sap. When you burn Oleander and inhale its smoke can also cause health problems. Many people use this flower as an ornamental plant fence. Be careful not to hold it as it will cause severe skin pain.

  1. Lily of The Valley

Because the flower has a fragrant aroma, you will be easily attracted to Lili of The Valley. But that is a bad thing. Lili of the Valley is a deadly flower that is very poisonous. If you eat the flower, it can interfere with the work of the heart. So although this flower is delicate and looks beautiful, this is one of the deadly plants.

  1. The Angel’s Trumpet

True to its name, the shape of this flower is like a trumpet. They also have a beautiful variety of colors. Unfortunately, The Angel’s Trumpet contains alkaloids that cannot be touched or eaten. These flowers can cause harmful side effects. If you eat it, you will experience an inability to maintain new memories and cause hallucinations that result in death.

  1. Azaleas

All parts of the Azalea plant are toxic to humans and animals. Although it looks gorgeous, this flower contains deadly grayanotoxins. So do not swallow the azalea in any small amount. The side effects given can cause severe and life-threatening illnesses.

  1. Checkered lily

Checkered Lily has unique shapes and colors. It has other names such as snake’s head, chess flower, frog-cup, flat lily, and drooping tulip. As the name, this flower is like a venomous snake. It has a shape like a poisonous lily flower. The petals contain alkaloids.

  1. Belladonna

One of the most poisonous flowers. According to the USDA Forest Service, Belladonna comes from Italian which means ‘beautiful woman. Even the Romans used this flower as a weapon to contaminate the food of their enemies. If eating Belladonna can cause paralysis and coma.

  1. Jessamine

Carolina Jessamine is a flower that many people love because of its beautiful color. Growing yellow in summer makes this flower cover its deadly dark side. Each part of Jessamine contains the toxic alkaloids gelsemine which can irritate the skin. In addition, it can also affect nerves that cause muscle weakness and paralysis in animals and humans.

  1. Hemlock

Poison Hemlock or Conium maculatum is one of the most poisonous and deadly flowers. You will often find it in the United States. The poison is very dangerous to animals and humans, so it is necessary to be careful when planting it.

  1. Ornithogalum

A winter plant that belongs to the lily family. Be careful with tubers and roots because they contain alkaloids and cardenolides. The flowers are striking white with six petals that have a greenish line in the middle and back of the petals.

  1. Castor Oil Plant

One of the plants listed in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2007 as the most poisonous plant in the world. Some side effects that will react when touching or eating it include nausea, bloody diarrhea, muscle pain. Meanwhile, if the dose taken is very high it will trigger death.

  1. Larkspur

Don’t be fooled by its beautiful colors and shapes. These flowers can cause abdominal pain, paralysis, and death in humans. Not only flowers, but the whole plant has a very harmful effect. Contact with flowers will cause skin irritation.

  1. Rafflesia Arnoldi

The largest individual flower in the world. Weighing 6.8 kg and reaching a height of 3 feet. The flowers are very large like a giant, speckled, and look strange. This flower is a parasite that does not have roots and stems. Rafflesia Arnoldi will only bloom for five days and emit a foul odor.

  1. Snake Lily

Known as Dracunculus Vulgaris or stink lily. This flower gives off the smell of rotten flesh and attracts flies to come towards it. Flies will help pollinate this plant. Every part of this flowering plant is dangerous. If you touch or eat it will cause an allergic reaction.

  1. Deadly Nightshade

The other deadly flower is Deadly Nightshade. Although toxic can also be used as a medicine. Bell-shaped and purple and green. It contains the poisonous atropine which has the meaning of Atropa, the Greek goddess who cut off life.

  1. Titan Arum

A giant flower that blooms for three days and emits a poisonous odor for 8 hours. During flowering, Titan Arum attracts insects to pollinate. This flower is known as the carcass flower. They will grow up to 15-20 feet tall.

  1. Foxglove

This plant is very beautiful and pretty. Unfortunately, it contains a lot of toxicity. Starting from the flowers, seeds, and leaves can give harmful side effects, such as vomiting, seizures, to death.

  1. Morning Glory

If you consume this flower in large amounts it will be very toxic. The seeds can cause hallucinations, vomiting, and diarrhea. While the flowers can irritate the throat. Because Morning Glory contains chemicals that are very similar to LSD.


Those are 18 of the most dangerous poisonous flowers. Do not touch, eat or approach it. Hope this information is useful and inspiring.



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