17 Recommended Gifts for Men on His Special Day

Gifts For Men
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Everyone loves to be given a gift as long as you know what the person you want to give it really needs. In the case of giving gifts to boys, it’s actually not that complicated. As long as the goods are useful, they will be happy to give anything they want. However, this is what often confuses me. Calm down, you can take a peek at the row of gifts for guys that can be given on his special day.

Of course, a very special and unique gift that leaves a beautiful impression on your girlfriend. Indeed, the gift you will give doesn’t have to be expensive, but if you have extra money to spare, why not if you want to buy something special and a bit expensive?

There are many considerations that you have to do to get something unique for him. Unlike for women, finding a unique birthday gift for a boyfriend is not easy, because most men prefer something simple, elegant, and not adventurous.

So, what’s next?

In general, men are not the picky type. They will be very happy if you manage to choose something they need or want as a birthday or anniversary gift for you.

Instead of being confused about what gift to give a guy, check out the recommendations for interesting gifts as a surprise for a guy.

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Perfume is the most common gift a woman gives to her lover. However, make sure you choose the right perfume with the scent he likes. For example, a sweet, fresh, or masculine scent.

2. Purse

Wallets are items that should not be left behind for the Adams. They will always carry a wallet with them wherever they go, so don’t be surprised if it looks worn out. You can choose a wallet whose size and model are suitable for him as a special gift.

3. Watch

The next recommended gift for men is a watch. Watches are often considered a mandatory accessory for a man. You can choose a watch with a leather or rubber strap. This gift is also a reminder for him not to be late when he has an appointment with you.

4. Hat

Hat for Men Gift
Hat for Men Gift – Pexels

In addition to watches, hats are also accessories that are often worn by men. In addition to covering the bad hair day, they also want to look cooler when wearing it. You can choose a hat that suits your personality.

5. Coffeemaker

Is your boyfriend a coffee lover? If so, then giving a coffeemaker gift is the right choice. Then he will definitely be very happy because he can make his own coffee with this machine instead of just brewing coffee sachets.

6. Footbal Shoes

Football Shoes For Gift
Football Shoes For Gift – Pexels

If your partner likes to play soccer, there’s nothing wrong with giving a gift of footbal shoes. He must have been more enthusiastic about exercising because he could use the gift you gave him. In addition, he will be happy because he feels you care and support him to exercise.

7. Sunglasses

Sunglasses can be the perfect gift for a man who loves to travel. Besides being useful for reducing the heat of the sun, sunglasses can also make him more confident with his appearance. Choose a model of glasses that is cool and by the shape of his face.

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8. Action Cam

Is your boyfriend a photography lover? If so, you can buy a practical camera that is easy to carry around. This item isn’t cheap, but if he’s the type who likes adventure while taking pictures, then an action cam could be the gift he’s looking forward to the most.

9. Helmet

Helmets can be a gift for the right guy for motorcycle lovers. Giving a helmet to your partner also shows that you care about their safety while driving. You can choose a helmet that is the same color as the motorbike, but doesn’t forget to adjust the size to the head of the person!

10. Beard Growing Cream

Guys are actually very concerned about appearance. For men’s style, now beards are not just “hair that grows on the chin”, beards have also become a trend among guys. So it’s not uncommon to see guys who take care of their beards to the maximum so that they look even more macho like Hollywood celebrities. But for some guys, growing a beard is not easy, so they need beard growth medicine to get the beard they want.

11. Drinking bottles

More or less, drinking bottles will definitely be used on important occasions. For guys who always have activities behind their laptops, having a water bottle will make them not forget to drink. After all, the design of the drinking bottle is now very unique and some are very sporty.

12. Book

Book for Men Gift
Book for Men Gift – Pexels

Now everything is digital and people have started to forget reading books. It’s time for you to give the guy an interesting book to read. The choice of a biographical book will definitely be the best reading, especially if the character is famous and indeed inspiring. If you want to try something else, choose a fiction novel that is not too thick or a collection of essays on topics that he really likes.

13. Favorite Games

You must first know the game console he has before buying him a new game, yes. Don’t let you buy a PlayStation game, but he actually has a Nintendo Switch. You can choose the latest games or rare games that are hard to find. If you don’t want to be confused, just buy him a game voucher and let him choose his own digital game.

14. Folding knife

Maybe the guy isn’t a nature lover or likes to go on outdoor adventures. However, a pocketknife is also important. Guys always want to look like they have all the essentials that come in handy in any situation. Some folding knives even have scissors, spoons, and forks. So, he can definitely use it every day.

15. Concert tickets

Everyone loves music. Indonesia is now a destination for foreign musicians to hold concerts. A concert ticket would definitely be the best gift he would receive right now. You simply know his favorite band or musician. After that, find out the concert schedule and buy tickets at the best place to watch.

16. Belt

When viewed from its function, the buckle is definitely very useful to keep the pants at the waist. However, many guys see the buckle shape as a cool addition to the appearance of the waist. So, you can give a buckle gift with a cool design for a guy who is also cool.

17. Acoustic guitar

The guy and the guitar are also minimal pairs. The guitar will also not be wrong to be a gift for a guy on his special day, especially if the guy is really good at playing it. You can choose from more types of acoustic guitars, starting from the shape, dimensions, and color choices. Just stop by the music store now if you have time.

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