11 Popular Japanese Food You Must Try!

Popular Japanese Food
Popular Japanese Food

Japan is one of the countries in East Asia that is often hunted by tourists. Apart from having a variety of interesting tourist destinations, the country which is often nicknamed the Rising Sun also has a variety of delicious and unique culinary delights. Popular Japanese Food Call it sushi, ramen, to chicken katsu which has always succeeded in making people addicted. With such a variety of tours and culinary delights, it is no wonder that Japan is one of the destinations to be visited.

Most Popular Japanese Food

Popular Japanese food is famous for its unique and delicious taste that makes it different from the taste of other cuisines. The variety of variants is also very much, including snacks, fried foods, noodles, and other types of dishes.

For those who are still not too familiar with the variety of Japanese food, here we share a list of the most popular Japanese food that you need to taste.

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1. Sushi

Sushi : Popular Japanese Food
Sushi : Popular Japanese Food

Sushi is top popular japanese food. A dish combining rice vinegar and seafood (though sometimes other ingredients are also used). There is a type of fermented sushi, known as nare-sushi, but the most distinctive types of sushi are nigirizushi and temakizushi. There are many other ingredients available for those of you who don’t like raw fish, including boiled shrimp and grilled eel. You can find sushi all over Japan, but sushi from restaurants in high-end areas like Ginza or near fishing ports is delicious. If you are looking for cheap eats, you can visit Kaitenzushi, or conveyor belt sushi restaurant, where you can enjoy sushi for 100 a plate.

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2. Tempura

Tempura can be a dish of seafood, fresh vegetables, or other ingredients dipped in flour and egg batter, then deep-fried. While you can enjoy tempura in all sorts of restaurants, if you want to try the best, we recommend going to a specialty tempura restaurant, where each dish will be served to your table as soon as it is cooked, even if you order a lot!

3. Sukiyaki

Sukiyaki is a dish of meat and vegetables boiled in an iron pot. Enjoyed with a sauce known as warishita, made of soy sauce and sugar. There is a lot of variation in ingredients and how to eat dishes depending on the region. Some regions add beaten eggs to the gravy to make the taste lighter. If you are looking to enjoy lots of great beef, this is the dish for you!

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4. Ramen

Ramen Popular Japanese Food
Ramen Popular Japanese Food

Ramen is a soup dish that has grown to be very popular and is considered a by word for popular Japanese food. Initially, the soup was made from chicken bones, but in recent years, pork, beef, and seafood are also used in this soup, creating a variety of tastes. Apart from the typical salt, soy sauce, and miso flavors, you can even find flavored curry ramen now. There are also types of ramen noodles and soup served separately, known as tsukemen.

5. Curry Rice

Curry Rice : Popular Japanese Food
Curry Rice : Popular Japanese Food

Many people know that curry is a food that comes from India, but it turns out that Japan has one too! Curry originating from Japan is very unique, made from meat and vegetables (carrots, potatoes, onions, etc.) seasoned with curry powder, boiled, and served with rice.

6. Tonkatsu

Tonkatsu is a dish made from sliced ​​pork dipped in flour and soaked in egg batter, coated in breadcrumbs, then deep-fried in a lot of oil. Now there is also Tonkatsu made of chicken or beef. To enjoy good Tonkatsu, head to a Tonkatsu specialist restaurant.

7. Japanese Soba

Soba means flour in Japanese, but soba here means noodles. Japanese noodles are usually enjoyed with soy sauce or sweet soy sauce, topped with eggs, or tempura, or other side dishes. If you want to taste delicious noodles, please just visit the Japanese popular food in Soba Restaurant, you can be sure you will like the taste, but the price is also a bit more expensive. If you are a budget traveler, try buying a convenience store.

8. Karaage

Karaage is chicken seasoned with soy sauce, salt, and several spices, dusted with flour, and fried in oil. Another word is the Japanese version of fried chicken, but the taste is very different. There are many local variations, such as Chicken Nanban in Miyazaki, which is karaage covered in tartar sauce, or Tebasaki in Nagoya, which is karaage cooked in a sweet and spicy sauce.

9. Yakitori

Yakitori is a chicken dish that is seasoned with sweet salt or soy sauce, skewered on a skewer, and grilled. You can usually find yakitori in bars/restaurants or what’s known as an Izakaya, but as an entry, try enjoying yakitori at a specialty yakitori restaurant. Here you can enjoy all kinds of parts of chicken at quite reasonable prices. You can also find skewered pork or yakiton in Japanese, which are delicious too!

10. Yakiniku

Yakiniku is a dish in which beef is dipped in sauce, and grilled directly over a fire. The freshness of the meat is very important for this dish because you can enjoy the tender taste of Japanese beef. The most popular dishes are sirloin (known as rosu in Japanese) and kalbi (Korean—but the meat is marinated). At yakiniku restaurants, you can enjoy all kinds of meat. The price of meat depends on the quality.

11. Sashimi

Sashimi is a traditional Japanese popular food , dish served fresh (uncooked), usually fresh pieces of fish, enjoyed with soy sauce, wasabi, and ginger pickle. You can enjoy sashimi in many places in Japan with varying degrees of freshness. If you’re looking for an inexpensive place to enjoy sashimi, why not try a restaurant near the fishing port, but if you’re willing to spend a little more, you should visit a sushi restaurant or a traditional Japanese popular food restaurant that guarantees you won’t be disappointed! If you’re staying at a ryokan, or traditional Japanese inn, with dinner, you’ll likely find sashimi on the menu.


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