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Banner Flower Sense

Put FlowerAdvisor banner in your site and we create a subdomain according to your site. Example:

Your site named


We create a subdomain named


When people click on the banner they will go to


Hyperlink Flower-Sense

Basically the idea is the same with Banner Flower-Sense. The fact that putting a hyperlink is more flexible than putting a banner, the possibility to have many more Hyperlink Flower-Sense in many channels is very open. you can put Hyperlink Flower-Sense on your own blog, put it as a part of comments on your friend's blog, either attach the Hyperlink on your social network media.

Getting Paid

1. How do I get Paid?

You get paid for every order that comes from your site.

2. How much do I get paid?

The commission that is paid per order is ranging from 8%-12% depending on the performance of the affiliates

3. When will I get paid?

Commision will be paid once a month for all last month's order. Payment by Western Union or Bank Transfer will be paid at the end of the month, while payment by Credit Card and Pay Pal will be paid at the 15th of the month. Example: For October orders, commission will be paid at November 15th (payment by Credit Card and Pay Pal), or will be paid at November 30th (payment by Western Union or Bank Transfer).

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TOP Online Florist with Same & Next Day Delivery Service SingaporeFlowerAdvisor is Singapore Online Florist that offers same day & next day flower delivery to Singapore and any countries across the globe. FlowerAdvisor came as a result of a prominent absence of a single strong brand in Asia for International Flower Delivery. Online users found it a struggle to discover a trusted 24 hour delivery flower site which can be relied upon to send flowers, hampers and gifts to their loved ones anywhere in the world.

Types of Flowers
Customers are able to select various types of flower here but if you confuse to choose which flowers or gifts to buy, have a look at our best seller products. Rose is the most favorite and incredible flower option you can give to anyone. There are blue roses, champagne roses, pink roses, red roses, white roses, yellow roses, orange roses, peach roses, and mixed roses. They all are beautifully arranged and wrapped to draw attention of someone you care about. No worry, rose is not the only option. Orchids, lilies, tulips, and sunflowers are also available. You can even find plenty of mixed flowers that are truly superb and colorful.

As a top florist in Singapore, customers can rely on FlowerAdvisor delivery service to make your loved ones amazed on any occasions, like: Hari Raya, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Valentine Day, etc.
You can consider which Flower Advisor bouquet to choose based on the occasion above. For instance, red and pink roses are perfect for Valentine?s Day to show romance and love.

Other Gifts We Provide
You can take advantage of our flower delivery Singapore to send not only flowers, but also other gifts. Flower Advisor is also a great source of wines, hampers, and many other gift ideas. For newborn baby, you may pick a newborn package of diapers, baby clothing, booties, and mittens or a set of bowl, rattle, comb, cup and bottle. Baby stroller is also what we offer for newborn baby.
Cakes, cufflinks, chocolates, and teddy bears are other excellent gift options make your present become more perfect. You may give a flower with chocolates to your sweetheart on Valentine?s Day or a flower with cake on his/her birthday.

International Delivery
Flower Advisor is one of Singapore florists that cater international delivery. When your loved ones are away for a business, study, or tourism, you are still able to make them feel special with a beautiful bouquet and gift. We have loyal customers from all around the world, which the main covered areas are UK, US, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Korea, Japan, Canada, Italy, Spain, Mexico, France, and Australia.